Do you and your little one love stuffed animals!  So do we and we are so excited to introduce you to our 18" Animal Doll patterns!  These stuffies are so perfect for the little animal lovers in your life.  They are the just the right size for cuddling with and they fit our 18" doll clothes patterns. You can sew up a cute outfit (or two or three) for your new stuffed animal friend!  Each one also comes with her own unique outfit and accessory pattern.


  Stuffed Animal dolls

The first of our four animals is sweet little Fiona Fox!  Fiona features overlays for her arms, legs, and tail and includes directions for creating pretty fluttery eyelashes.  She comes with a pieced skirt, headband, and a bandana style bib.


Fiona fox

Fiona Fox alt view

Fiona Fox outfit

Get creative with her skirt and use up those fabric and trim scraps you've been saving!

Fiona Fox wearing Pearl pattern

Here Fiona Fox is modeling our 18" Doll Pearl dress pattern!  We just love how fun these little animals are!  

Next up is Blushing Bunny!  The little bunny lovers in our lives absolutely adore this precious bunny.  From her ears to her tail she is the epitome of perfection!  Blushing features insets on her ears and overlays for her paws--she also has the cutest little tail! Blushing Bunny

Blushing Bunny doll alt view


Blushing bunny outfit

Blushing Bunny comes with a pattern for her very own little outfit.  She has a tie on shawl and an easy on and off dress.  We love the easy dressing of these stuffed animals.  It's perfect for those little ones who want to change their dolly's clothes. 

Blushing Bunny wears Pearl and Georgia

Blushing can also fit our 18" doll clothes!  Have fun creating a wardrobe for your stuffed animals!

Blushing Bunny pattern alt view

Here she is wearing the Clara doll dress pattern!  

Tester Blushing Bunny doll

Olive Owl is the cutest addition to our stuffed animal family!  Her wings and her feet are adorable!  She has dainty eyelashes and a sweet tummy overlay.  

Olive Owl 18" doll patten

Olive Owl alt view

Olive Owl alt view 2

Olive comes with the pattern to make her skirt, lace collar, and a floral crown headband.

Olive Owl outfit

Olive Owl wears Cosette doll dress pattern

While we love the outfit patterns the animals come with, it is so much fun to make tiny  dresses for them.  Olive Owl looks so cute wearing this little cupcake print Cosette dress!

We'd also like you to meet Dainty Deer!  

Dainty Deer 18" animal doll pattern

Dainty Deer alt view

Dainty Deer alt view 2

The 18" Dainty Deer Animal Doll pattern features overlays for her arms and legs, an adorable fluffy tail, and instructions for adding some unique deer details.  She comes with the pattern for her own halter top, skirt, and floral headband.

Dainty Deer pattern outfit

As with all of our 18" Stuffed Animal doll patterns Dainty Deer fits our doll clothing patterns!  

Dainty Deer wears Pepper dress

We love these little stuffed animals and we hope you do too!  Sew up one, two, or pick up the bundle for all four stuffed animals!

Animal pair- Olive Owl and Dainty Deer

Fiona Fox and Dainty Deer animal doll patterns

 Finally, no stuffed animal family would be complete without a kitty!  We'd like to introduce you to Katie Cat!  

Katie kitty doll pattern

katie kitty detail view

Katie kitty tester pic

The Katie Cat stuffed animal pattern is sure to please your favorite cat lover!  Everything about her is feline perfection; her whiskers and her tail are so fun and whimsical!

Katie kitty back detail

 Katie Cat comes with instructions for creating a suspender skirt, neck kerchief, and felt bow headband. We are sure you'll love her just as much as we do! 

Katie kitty outfit

Web Katie Cat in Matilda doll dress

As always, we like to thank our testers for their amazing work on these patterns. Their help and feedback are so appreciated! If you'd like more inspiration, join our Facebook group and take a look at all the awesome photos!

Plus!!!  Now through Sunday, December 25th the Doll Patterns {animals and clothes} are on sale for 25% off.



December 22, 2016 by Crystal Thoreson