Hi friends!!! Cassie here to share with you my two designs for the VFT Back to School Collection collaboration! I'm beyond excited to show you a few samples that I've made, some brilliant tester photos and a little peek into the inspiration behind my newest patterns, Hattie and Tess. 

Hattie and Tess make up the "Classic Collection" and are two super styles that will quickly fill your little girl's closet! I love that both are great transitional pieces that will take you from season to season in style. Let's start by looking at the inspiration behind these new designs. 


Hattie is a fitted shirt dress style. I recently introduced my girls to the incredible, original film, The Parent Trap. Throughout the film, the women are wearing classic shirt dresses with pointed collars, button down fronts and full, gathered skirts. My girls and I quickly fell in love with the great styling of the 1950-1960s. 

See my pinspiration here:

Now let's take a look at some of my favorite details in the Hattie pattern:

My girls love to have pockets to store treasures, so I've added inseam pockets. 

I adore the look of a deep, vintage hem so I included that in the full gathered skirt finish.

I sewed up my Back to School samples with this gorgeous buffalo plaid from our friends at Hawthorne Threads. The Hattie dress can be made with a full button-down front (shown left) or with just a button-down bodice (no skirt placket needed, shown right).


When dreaming up what to pair with the Hattie dress, the VFT team brainstormed the perfect staple piece. Meet Tess, a fitted, knit cardigan with clean lines, long sleeves, neckline binding and a button placket. 

Tess pairs perfectly with Hattie, but can be layered with other great VFT patterns. I added some gorgeous lace trim to this Tess and she wore it with her new Presley flare pants!

 Are you excited for these two new designs? Check out these beautiful images from our incredible tester team for some more inspiration!

Pretty epic, right??? I am always so blown away by their ability to take my visions for the patterns, bring those visions to life and then go above and beyond my wildest dreams!!!! I am so thankful for an amazing testing team- they make this whole adventure so fun and full of creativity!

Thank you so much for all your support- VFT truly has the most passionate, talented and enthusiastic customers. Your encouragement for this collection, excitement for Wednesday's release and unending inspiration keeps us going!!

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August 21, 2017 by Cassie M



Brandy said:

Love the vintage feel ?


Melle said:

I’m really in love with the vintage, classic feel of these pieces.


Kiitana said:

Omg love the vintage style and can’t wait to get my hands on these patterns.

Misty Dupree

Misty Dupree said:

Oh my Hattie is the most adorable thing ever!


Nickie said:

Can’t wait to start ?


Nicolette said:

Such a beautiful pattern ?


Kayla said:

Absolutely looooooove these looks!!!!


Allison said:

I need this entire collection. Perfect for my little fashion divas.


Izumi said:

Love that it’s fun and practical. And pockets!!


Nada said:

Beautiful dress


Adri said:

can’t wait to make these for my nieces :)


Betty said:

This collection is so perfect! The retro cut of the dress and the waistcoat will be ideal for my nieces, a little air of Brigite Bardot!


cathy said:

what a modern take on a vintage look!


Emily said:

I love the way these two look together.


Emily said:

I love the way these two look together.


Kiaraleigh said:

Hattie is all the ????


Kiaraleigh said:

They were meant to be the heart eye emoji not ‘?’ Whoops


Jessica said:

I love this combo! So cute!!!


Suzanne said:

So very excited for these!!


Amy said:

Love the full button placket and the pockets!! Such a great classic look!!

Jodi Tandett

Jodi Tandett said:

Love this combo! Shirt dresses are adorable and this one is great


Mai said:

So my style. Love the classic feel of this collection.


Ashlea said:

I’m so very excited for the new patterns I already have fabric ready to go for my girls new clothes<3

Ashleigh Madsen

Ashleigh Madsen said:

I am in love with this dress!


Lori said:

That collar, though! ❤️

Aubrey Mak

Aubrey Mak said:

LOOOOOOOVE Hattie!! I can’t wait to make one! And Tess is SO cute! I might even be able to pull that off, haha, even though I’m not great with knits!

Rianne Kasler

Rianne Kasler said:

I just adore this combination. Have to practice my buttonholes though :)

Rianne Kasler

Rianne Kasler said:

I just adore this combination. Have to practice my buttonholes though :)


Charity said:

Ladies, you never disappoint!


BJMarley said:

I like the classic look of these patterns.


Christina said:

My daughter is already picking out her fabric.

Jane Kohlenstein

Jane Kohlenstein said:

I love a good shirt dress always!!! ?? (hoping this comes in the tween sizes too ?)

Tatiana Pena

Tatiana Pena said:

I love this collection! Can’t wait till Wednesday!!!

Katherine Prenger

Katherine Prenger said:

Such perfect pieces. True classics. I see many Tess cardigans in my future.

Donna Mc

Donna Mc said:

Who doesn’t love a classic skirt dress, especially one with a full skirt and pockets.

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell said:

Great fall/winter pattern! Excited to get moving on new projects

Melinda Lindauer

Melinda Lindauer said:

They are adorable, really like the cardigan

Dana J

Dana J said:

I stumbled onto your patterns two weeks ago. This brand new pattern is my favorite by far. It reminds of my mother.
I appreciate that these patterns dress little girls like little girls. Bless you for your designing vision.


Heather said:

I wear cardigans year-round pretty much! Love it!!


Gabrielle said:

I love Tess over Hattie!

jennifer denison

jennifer denison said:

I just need to make these. That is all. So excited for a cardigan!

christina skinner

christina skinner said:

Hattie is sooooooooooo awesome! I love the classic throwback style. My kiddo loves that it’s loose and comfy!


Niki said:

I cannot get over the Tess! Such a fun retro look!

Jamy k

Jamy k said:

These dresses are so retro. Love the vintage cuts!


Samara said:

I love these classic looks! I love the simplicity of them because it gives the option of so many possibilities!


Ashley said:

I love how classic Hattie is. I haven’t made a VFT dress yet, but this will definitely be my first! I can’t wait!

Karly Nelson

Karly Nelson said:

I love the dress! That style is so classic!

Kathi H

Kathi H said:

Love them, perfect fit for my DD’s wardrobe.


Noël said:

I just love them! The skirt, sleeves ans collar are just perfect together!


Nicole said:

Yay!! I’ve been waiting for a vintage shirt dress pattern to make my daughters’s school uniforms. So cute!!

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