Hello Ladies!!! It's Maya here!!!! As you know it is time for school to resume, and what better way to start out the school year than a stunning Back to School Collection with styles from 3 different eras? Leah, Cassie, and I have each created two designs showing styles from the 40's, 50's-60's, and the 70's (that's me!) I have designed the "Retro Back to School Collection". I have always loved Flare jeans and Flowy tops! Even when there was a span when they were no longer in style, you could still find them in my wardrobe! My girls also love the look, as they LOVE Elvis and his flashy fashion sense. So I decided to capture the look in these two Back to school designs!


First up is Amelia!! 

Amelia is a dreamy knit top that features a Hi-Lo hem that can be sewn with or without a ruffle.

Amelia also features three sleeve options. The first sleeve option is the 3/4 length Ruffle Sleeve. The second sleeve option is the Plain Sleeve, which hits above the elbow. And last but not least, the third sleeve option is the dainty little Cap Sleeve. 



Next Up!!!! Presley Flares! 

Presley Flare Jeans feature a snug comfortable fit, with the flare starting right below the knee. The flare is a little more than subtle, but also not large enough to cause difficulty with movement. 


Presley has both Front and Back Pockets, the back pockets have an optional pocket flap.  Flat front waistbands are my favorite!!! So of course that is next on the list of features along with an Elastic back waistband for the perfect snug fit.



One of my FAVORITE features of the Presley Flares is the wide hem!!!!! 


OKAAAAY!!! So now that you have all of the details for my two new designs, I have another announcement! Amelia will be available in Baby, Tween, and Misses as well as Girls!!! EEEEEK! Excitement overload!! 


These testers are incredible and they always AMAZE us all with their talent!!! I can't wait to see what each and every one of you sew up with our new Back to School Collection! We all put lots of love into it and hope it shines through!! I hope you enjoy my Retro Collection featuring Amelia and Presley! You can find inspiration albums for each pattern in the Pattern group, in which tester photos are plentiful!!! 

Now to finish up with some exciting news?!?!?!?!

It's GIVEAWAY TIME!! We will be giving away a gift card, $50 value! Enter below! The Giveaway will end August 23rd, 2017 at midnight! 


Maya Carithers




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August 22, 2017 by Maya Carithers



Greta said:

I can never have too many ruffles!


Nelly said:

Loving those pants!!!! My daughter will look fantastic in them ❤️


Elise said:

So stinkin cute!!

Furlo Bengtsson

Furlo Bengtsson said:

It fun

Belinda Pascoe

Belinda Pascoe said:

Amazing patterns, just love to make them both for my granddaughters

Melissa Shears

Melissa Shears said:

Love Amelia’s Ruffle Sleeve and Presley’s flare! And the variety of sizes!!

sue rich

sue rich said:

Amelia so soft and flowing

Kate Yetter

Kate Yetter said:

I love the vintage look and the ruffles.


Amber said:

I love the sweet girly style and that this pattern comes in a wide variety of styles.


Becki said:

I just love those pockets and the flare on Presley. The hi-lo hem on Amelia is really sweet. I’m excited about both patterns! I’m ready to try knits!


Marnee said:

Love the sleeve variations!❤️❤️

michelle shampo

michelle shampo said:

I love the retro collection!!! Love the sleeve options and those pockets!!


Cheri said:

I adore these! Can’t wait to make a set for my girls. It is hard to find patterns that will work for both a 6-year-old and a 13-year-old, but Amelia will be perfection!


Stefanie said:

I love the look of these, and would love to make them for my daughter!!

tricia jones

tricia jones said:

I love the bell bottoms. They are my favorite. But I love the top also. I want to make my grandbaby one out of lace.

Lisa nechanicky

Lisa nechanicky said:

I love the idea of Mommy and me patterns that are so versatile and flattering! Can’t wait to try these out!!


Charolette said:

Love, love love, the outfit! Can’t wait to buy it!

Leonora Van Dyk

Leonora Van Dyk said:

The pattern is such a flattering pattern for all ages. Think I will make one for my daughter, myself and my grand daughter. We will look so smart in it.

lenka mitic

lenka mitic said:

Love it so much


Kara said:

I’m so excited for this collection! I love Mommy & Me & all of the options!

Rachael C O'Marah

Rachael C O'Marah said:

love love love

Rachael C O'Marah

Rachael C O'Marah said:

love love love

Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan said:

Yay! So excited for a knit top in misses!

Schana Wilson

Schana Wilson said:

Love the vintage flair!

April Bailey

April Bailey said:

Eek! So cute! I can’t wait to make my little girl and I matching mommy and me Amelia’s. :-D

Lindsay cherry

Lindsay cherry said:

Those Presley flares are fantastic. I love them! ???

Jennifer H

Jennifer H said:

I am SOOO excited that this is a mommy and me pattern! And it’s adorable and perfect for all of us!


Crystal said:

Super cute!!!

Varna Nolen

Varna Nolen said:

For once I am going to think about myself first! I am going to make the miss


Lisa said:

I can see myself making so many different cute combinations of these for my 4 girls. I love this set!!


Tiffany said:

I love all of these new collections! I can not wait for the release!!


Nicole said:

I have been waiting for some super cute retro pants!! Can’t wait to get the patterns!!❤️


Teresa said:

Love the details!


Megan said:

Love the top!

Amy H

Amy H said:

I love these patterns!! They are adorable!


Anna said:

Love, LOVE the Amelia and the mommy & me possibilities!

Michele Sturtewagen

Michele Sturtewagen said:

Love the classic look of it!!


Pam said:

Love this pattern! Can’t wait to make a matching set for me and my little one!!

Jessica Dotts

Jessica Dotts said:

I love the flares and knit shirt!

Jessica Dotts

Jessica Dotts said:

I love the flares and knit shirt!

Kayla Carter

Kayla Carter said:

I’m the most excited about those flare pants!!! I can’t wait to make a bunch of them for school!

Audrey Bottine

Audrey Bottine said:

I love being able to make matching outfits for my daughter and I.

Elizabeth Dewett

Elizabeth Dewett said:

I adore the vintage flare ❤️ I love the that I can make Amelia for me and my 3 young girls. I’m very excited about this release


Kiaraleigh said:

Love amelia

Marjory W

Marjory W said:

I never was a fan of Presley-type flared jeans, but I really like Amelia. There so many fabrics that would be great for it.


Brittany said:

I love the flare and wide hem of the Presley. I’m also so excited to make matching outfits with the Amelia for me and my 3 girls!!

Taryn Haynes-Smart

Taryn Haynes-Smart said:

So looking forward to this release. Have a few knits in my stash just waiting to be Amelia


Michelle said:

I love that this is a knit pattern and that it is a super cute shirt and pants. I also love that I can make mommy and me matching sets!


Kerry said:

Love this outfit! Thanks for the cool chance to win! You ladies are so creative and awesome!


Pat said:

This is the coolest set love it.

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