Hey girls heyyyyy, It's Leah here!!
It's that time of year again! It's back to the school house!!
That means a new wardrobe, lunch pails, new teachers, and homework!!! This is one of my favorite times of the year!!
To start this year off right, myself, Cassie, and Maya came together to design one big FABULOUS "Back to School" collection in 3 different styles! I've designed "The Vintage Back to School Collection". Inspired by the timeless look of the 40s era, my two looks embody "vintage"!  Attention to detail, vintage lengths, and charm of that era have always inspired me! Without further ado, I bring to you Alexandra and Autumn!!
First up is Alexandra!!
Alexandra has a hand tied knot collar, cap sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve with ruffle hem, a plain or pin-tucked bodice, a button down back with NO placket, and last but not least, a blouse or a drop waist dress option!

Next up is Autumn!!
Autumn is a 1940's vintage inspired pinafore with a sweet vintage length, a crisscross basket weave strapped back,
and a low softly squared neckline!
Alexandra can be worn alone, or is absolutely lovely paired with Autumn. 
Here are few inspiration photos that inspired these looks!!
Now let's go get our vintage on ladies and dress to impress!! Below are some of our PHENOMENAL test team photos for some inspiration! Check out our Facebook group for more tester images of Alexandra & Autumn in the albums section of our group. I hope you ladies enjoy Alexandra and Autumn as much as I do!! Now in celebration of "Back to School" there will be a GIVEAWAY of a GIFT CARD: $50 value! How do you enter??? Check out the requirements below. The giveaway will end August 23rd, 2017 at midnight! Wahooooooooooo!!! So much FUN!!


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August 20, 2017 by Leah Pitkin


Theresa Buck

Theresa Buck said:

Love them both!!!

Maureen Nokes

Maureen Nokes said:

I love the dropped waist on Alexandra! Also the sleeve options and bow for Autumn.

Maureen Nokes

Maureen Nokes said:

I love the dropped waist on Alexandra! Also the sleeve options and bow for Autumn.


Tyffanie said:

VFT always manages to inspire me and this collection is no different. I can’t wait for these patterns to release!

Shelley M

Shelley M said:

VFT has created another winner!! So many possibilities with todays fabrics, heading to the fabric store today with the Kate pattern (purchased last night) on my mind. Let the fun begin.


Debbie said:

Hello, I just learned about your site through a friend and I want to say I love your designs, photos and the pretty little models. My girls are just a bit too big for these and I sure wish they weren’t…

Thanks for sharing.


Veronica said:

I love how you transformed something elegant into a casual everyday outfit!!! Love it!!!!

Grace Ann Christian

Grace Ann Christian said:

Love the vintage look of these patterns!

Katie Kilar

Katie Kilar said:

These are so gorgeous, can’t wait to play!


stephanie said:



Erin said:

I love the sweet collars!

Vilma R

Vilma R said:



Becky said:

My granddaughter would love these!!


KatheTrimble said:

I love, love, love Alexandria! I made a dress for myself almost like this when I was in 4th grade. I had only been sewing a few months but made it for Christmas in red velvet! I am 58 years old now and have never forgotten how proud of it I was!

Debbie N

Debbie N said:

These are all beautiful. My granddaughter would love them!!


Keri said:

I can’t say what I love about this because I can’t narrow it down. I ❤️ Everything about it!


Jana said:

I like the vintage style very much . They look sooo beautyful ?

Inspector gadget

Inspector gadget said:

I LOVE the vintage style, the classic feel, and how APPROPRIATE the patterns are for young girls :)


Marah said:

I adore that knot collar! The woven straps are quite pretty as well.


Miranda said:

These patterns are fantastic. I can’t wait to try them out

Tenille Brien

Tenille Brien said:

So gorgeous! I will certainly be adding to my collection of VFT patterns ?


Jenna said:

I love vintage imspired! These are magnificent!! ??


Sara said:


Tammy Foley

Tammy Foley said:

I love everything about them! They remind me of my childhood. <3 I have a picture of me taking in the 70s wearing a dress almost exactly like the Autumn. :)

Manda Fletcher

Manda Fletcher said:

Can’t wait to sew these up!

Shae L

Shae L said:

Can’t wait to make these!


Rebekah said:

I adore vintage inspired fashion and these are so so beautiful! Can’t wait to make them!


Jessica said:

Love the drop waist and bow collar and it’s amazing with the pinnafore! :o


Jill said:

I love both of these together! Such a sweet combination!


Patsy said:

The patterns are beautiful. I love seeing the inspiration photos too :)


Brandy said:

Read my mind. I was looking through Pinterest and found a drop waist vintage dress I’d wanted to make for my daughter. I was planning on attempting to alter a VFT pattern but now I don’t have to. Thanks, love it!

Kiitana Ross

Kiitana Ross said:



Izumi said:

I LOVE the drop waist dress. Now i don’t have to tweak a vft pattern to make one!


MERAV said:

I can’t wait!

Taren marvets

Taren marvets said:

Absolutely love the classic look of both!!! I’ve used the basket weave before(years ago) and love how it turned out, can’t wait to make some of these and use it again!!!!

Gretchen Bristol

Gretchen Bristol said:

I can’t wait to start creating these beautiful designs!!!!!

Rianne Kasler

Rianne Kasler said:

At first I was not immediately enthousiastic about the patterns, but the more photo’s I see, the more I start to really love the new patterns. Now I can’t wait to sew some of the pretties for my little daughter. Thanks so much for such beautiful patterns, you manage to inspire me every time.


Charity said:

Autumn is perfectly magnificent!


Christina said:

This set is perfection! I always love the small details on your patterns; they are the reason I swoon when making them. The pin tucks, the tilted peter pan collar with a tie, the lower bodice scoop and ties on the back of the pinafore; I can’t wait to make this!


Mona said:

I am in love with Amelia, I can’t wait to make me and my god daughter matching tops!

Tatiana Pena

Tatiana Pena said:

I love these patterns! They are amazing! Can’t wait


Heather said:

Love Love Love the drop waist and the offset bow on the collar!

Emily K

Emily K said:

LOVE the pintucks!!


Kim said:

Alexandra is a versatile dreas that can be sewn for any season and Autumn is so stylish with the squared neckline. So fun!


Gabrielle said:

Alexandra & Autumn are my favourite!!


Zoe said:

Oh my goodness, instant love! I would love these patterns for school uniform, the clothes available to buy are horrific!


Zoë said:

Alexandra is lovely and so clever how the Autumn creates a faux bib impression with the pin tucked blouse beneath. What a lovely collection!


ashley said:

I can’t even get over how sweet Autumn is. Pretty much the best of everything!

Hilarie Sullivan

Hilarie Sullivan said:



Stella said:

I just made my first Autumn/Alexandra set and I can’t wait to make the next and try adding some trims (that I’ve never done before)

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