Clara has been a huge hit this summer!  It is sweet and simple and looks lovely on little ladies of all ages!  Everyone seems to adore the Clara, but coming into the fall, patterns with sleeves are all the rage.  This means that we normally put away our summer patterns until next year and find new favorites to make for the cooler months.  We need sleeve options for the change in weather, and versatility in patterns doesn't hurt either.  

Clara is one of my most favorite patterns, so I will definitely be layering my summer Clara with the Phoebe Top.  But after looking through patterns and doing a little brainstorming, a light bulb went off and I knew the Adelaide sleeves would be PERFECT to add to my Clara top!  

Clara with Adelaide

Why not take the bodice of Clara and the sleeves of Adelaide and create a gorgeous fall top!!  That's exactly what I did!

sleeves added to Clara

I constructed the bodice exactly as instructed until step 3.  At step 3, I sewed along the back middle edges and around the neck, but not around the armholes.  Skip to step 16 and sew the sides together.  

Back or Clara with sleeves

Now it's time to attach your sleeves.  I basted my main and lining fabrics together at the armholes.  Grab your Adelaide pattern and follow the directions for the sleeves.  You will construct your sleeves and sew them onto your bodice just like in the Adelaide.  

Adelaide sleeves

My sleeves fit perfectly into the armscye!  Finish the rest of your Clara exactly as started in the instructions.

Clara and Adelaide

Your finished Clara+Adelaide mash-up will most likely knock your socks off!  I was SO SO SO excited when I finished and saw how amazing the sleeves looked!

Adelaide sleeves with Clara bodice

I opted to leave the ruffles off of the bodice on this one, since I was going for a more simple look.  If you omit the ruffles, this is the perfect opportunity to embellish with lace or a monogram!  I also cut straight across instead of on a curve for my front bodice.  

Clara twirl factor

This is a super easy mash-up that you will definitely need to sew up!  It's quick and easy and perfect for those who are not sure how to modify patterns on their own!  

I will be making this mash-up many many more times this fall and suggest you do too!  You won't regret it!

Adelaide and Clara Adding sleeves to ClaraClara bodice with Adelaide Sleeves

Check out Maya Carithers' amazing Clara/Adelaide!   She did an amazing job, as always!  We love her version so much.

For you lovely VFT fans who desperately NEED these patterns now, both are on sale through Wednesday night for $6 each!!!  We'd love to see your Clara+Adelaide creations!  Please share with us on Facebook!  Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!


September 13, 2015 by Emily Steiger