A,B,C! Easy as 1,2,3! Are you ready to learn about Amaya with me!? Its me and you girlssss! Of course I had to open with a back to school song to get you tapping your feet!:) Are you girls ready for back to school?? We are! Especially now that we have the perfect wardrobe!

Make sure to read all the way to the end to be entered into the giveaway!:)

The VFT Team is so excited to share with you the "second" of three Back to School Patterns, meet Amaya! Amaya has a drop waist deep curved bodice with 2 skirt options for that classy or trendy look. Skirt option number one is a trendy hi-low with a vintage length in the center and cascades down and around to the back. The second skirt option is a classic straight hem all the way around. The BEST part about Amaya is it has NO CLOSURES and is a slip on! Easy peasy dressing for your little one that loves to dress her self. Last but not least Amaya has a smooth set in sleeve with the options of short sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve.

(Fabrics: Hawthorne Threads Rayon in "Harvest" *Buffalo Plaid in Shell and Jungle and "Meadow" *Glen Plaid in Jungle)

Amaya will release in both GIRLS & TWEEN sizes!

We were so fortunate to have Hawthorne Threads sponsor our fabrics in their lovely Rayon! They were perfect for Amaya!

(Fabrics: Hawthorne Threads Rayon in "Black Forest" *Blooming Path in Kale and *Blooming Path in Raisin)

Here is some inspiration for you!

Child Range:Tween inspiration size range:

Amaya and the rest of the Back to School patterns will be released on Friday, August 10th!

You made it to the end now its time to GIVEAWAY!!! Enter to win Amaya both child and tween sizes!:)

Until we meet again,




Until we meet again,



August 08, 2018 by Leah Pitkin



Jessica said:

I am seriously in love with this pattern. I’m super excited about the no closures part ha ha. My favorite teacher was probably my 6th grade teacher Mrs.Coon or my sewing teacher Lori.

Alexis Thomas

Alexis Thomas said:

My favorite teacher was my Enrichment teacher Mrs Wood. I was blessed to have her for 4 years!


Xembra said:

Kathy Litherland- 7th grade English

Amy H

Amy H said:

My preschool teacher Mrs. Morris!

Sara S.

Sara S. said:

My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher Mr. Vestal!


SarahBee said:

So excited about these new patterns. New house with room to sew and youngest daughter about to start Kindergarten. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Beatle aka: My mom.


Desiree said:

My favorite teacher was probably my middle school art teacher. She definitely inspired my love of creating!


Michele said:

Mrs. Oberschmitt was the first teacher I had who reached me with kindness rather than correction. I was a difficult child with all sorts of learning problems, and I will never forget her.


Melody said:

I’m SOOOOO excited for the tween sizes! Thank you for expanding the tween line. šŸ˜Š ā¤ļø

Emily Sallay

Emily Sallay said:

Love Amaya!! Love the skirt options.

Emily Sallay

Emily Sallay said:

Favorite teacher was Ms Basinger


Rob said:

Mr. Davidson


Mary said:

My grandmother taught me a lot aboutgratitude, so, Thank You for this pattern :)

Kimberly Stoessel

Kimberly Stoessel said:

I am all about dresses without closures and this looks like a sweet a comfortable dress.

Juli Anderson

Juli Anderson said:

My favorite teacher was Mrs Kitzman in elementary school.


Kathryn said:

My favourite teacher was my grade 5 and 6 teacher.


Kathleen said:

Another perfect dress. I’m beginning to think I am a pattern collector rather than a sewer. :)

Hillary Yeatts

Hillary Yeatts said:

My favorite teacher was the teacher I had for my pediatrics class in nursing school. Mrs. Rogers

Linda Carter

Linda Carter said:

I love the high low skirt on this dress!

Amber Taylor

Amber Taylor said:

I was homeschooled, so my only teacher was my mom ;) But she was an awesome teacher and I plan on using a lot of her methods with my own children!


ernestineyw11 said:

New project

slave inter burma distro hut

Rebecca Blick

Rebecca Blick said:

Mrs Ellis was my favorite teacher- high school english!


Mirian said:

Love it !!!!



I’m so glad you are making more patterns in tween sizes. My oldest granddaughter is 11 and just growing out of the girl’s size 10.

Kim K

Kim K said:

Miss Schmidt was my favorite teacher


Rebecca said:

Very cute! Looking forward to making this for my granddaughters! Especially the easy on and off!


Amy said:

So excited for these patterns! My girls are getting older and we love options like this that are suited for older girls! ā¤ļø

Carolina disla

Carolina disla said:

Mirna pichardo the best teacher ever!!!


Tammy said:

I love this dress.

Becky Caskey

Becky Caskey said:

3rd grade teacher-Ms Barnett was the best!


Sarah said:

My favorite teach was Mr. Spitzer, he was my music teacher

Bethany Bryant

Bethany Bryant said:

I love this dress, and I REALLY love that there are no closures!! My little girls have already picked out fabric for this one šŸ˜Š


Monica said:

Excited to learn of your site/business!!! Cute patterns!!


Konra said:

Very cute !! Looks like it might be comfy because of the fit. Love the waist line and the high-low waist, and sleeve options.

Jean Ivory

Jean Ivory said:

Looking forward to the new fall releases for my granddaughter! šŸ‘

Daniela Sohan

Daniela Sohan said:

My favorite teacher was the English language teacher :)

Brenda Douglas

Brenda Douglas said:

One of my favorite teachers was in my 9th year of school Mrs. Marilyn Oufnac. Thirty years later I am about an hour away from the town where she is my teacher and we are in a WW meeting sitting next to each other. She is such a sweet lady an dress than ten years older than me. We are now facebook friends and she knows how much I love her.

Before I met up with her, my daughter had been working on her in physical therapy. They both love each other too.

Heather McKay

Heather McKay said:

Mrs. Haws

Susmita Fontanilla

Susmita Fontanilla said:

My favorite teacher was Ms. Jem who taught reading and penmanship when I was in elementary.

Zoe Craggs

Zoe Craggs said:

Mrs Duncan if asking my little one :)


Shaina said:

My favorite teacher was in second grade, Mrs. Holmes! Super sweet lady.

Joan Brown

Joan Brown said:

Love the new pattern! The dress is adorable!

Rachel sarella

Rachel sarella said:

Love this new pattern!!! šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜
My favorite teacher is my mom. (Homeschooler over here!) even in my 30s Iā€™m still learning from her! šŸ˜Š

Heather Stuart

Heather Stuart said:

Love how easy this pattern is!

Sonya k

Sonya k said:

Love these! I was homeschooled for part of my schooling and my mom was my favorite!

Silvia Sanz

Silvia Sanz said:

I love the dress, stylish and comfortable. My 5years old daughter has loved it wen she saw the pictures

Simone Perry

Simone Perry said:

I am so happy to have more tween sizes patterns! My Maggie loves her dresses! One of my favorite teacher is my daughter’s social studies teacher and one of my closest friends. Ms. Satterlee.


Deborah said:

I wish I’d had dresses like these going to school!
My favorite teacher would have to be my kindergarten teacher. He would play the piano every morning for us as we made our way in to sit in the morning circle. It’s been so many years though, I can’t remember his name. Abood?


Nicole said:

Iā€™m so excited that this dress has an option for knits. That will help for my tweens.


Allie said:

My favorite teacher was Miss Byrd in fourth grade! This is my favorite dress of the release! I love how flowy it is and that it has no closures! Hooray!

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