Evangeline is the final pattern we are introducing of our new 2020 Spring patterns, and we may just have saved the best introduction for last!  

Evangeline is a woven dress or top that has the most whimsically, flattering silhouette.  When we put these on, we couldn't help but imagine we were actually walking through small Parisian alleyways or art walks.  The trendiness of Evangeline is spot on and is sure to have you envisioning your next outing or travels as well! 

Evangeline features a squared neckline and is available in girls, tween, misses & doll sizing! The bodice features waist darts, as well as bust darts in the tween & misses sizes, to give you the perfect fit every time! 

Evangeline includes three different options for sleeves. Both the short puff sleeve and elbow puff sleeves are shown in the dress examples above and the sleeveless option with feminine ties is shown in Ericka's dress pictures below. The short and elbow puff sleeves feature elastic at the top and the bottom for an easy, comfortable fit every time.

Evangeline has a zipper back closure and includes multiple skirt options. You can create the simple skirt in vintage or knee length or create the tiered ruffle skirt in knee length as well!


 So let us know - where are YOU dreaming of escaping to once we are all able to travel again?!  Are you going to be bringing an Abigail, Bianca or Evangeline along???

Comment below, and we will choose one lucky participant to receive all 3 new patterns in their size of choice!! 


*** Contest Closed***

Congratulations to 

Samantha Rodriguez

April 10, 2020 by Jessica Herning



Elana said:

I’m absolutely in love with the Evangeline and would love to take it with me to visit New Orleans. That was what I thought when I first saw the name of this dress because yes I am a Disney Geek and the name reminded me of The Princess and the Frog.

Kim Threlfall

Kim Threlfall said:

I’m dreaming of travelling to America (I’m in Aus) we were planning it for this year but it’s not looking like it will happen now. And im bringing, all three dresses!!! They are too amazing to choose between

Renee Fellows

Renee Fellows said:

Such a beautiful Spring bundle! I love them all.

JEnnifer Pressgrove

JEnnifer Pressgrove said:

I still am in love with these sleeves! To my parent’s house 💕


Alyssa said:

A trip to see friends in California would be nice. Love the look of the Abigail.


Krystal said:

I think Evangeline is my favorite of the three. Our family is all pretty close by, so it would just be to catch up with everyone!

Jackeline Figueroa

Jackeline Figueroa said:

Evangeline ia a dream come true! Yes! I will live to have the whole Spring collection. I love the fact that every pattern can be dress up or dress down for everyday use.


Lieve said:

How I dream of seeing my granddaughter and daughter and SIL in real life again!

Amanda Caldwell

Amanda Caldwell said:

All I am hoping to do is to visit my friends… At the beach, and park, and well anywhere that is not my house! Lol! And of course Id have VFT along! Soon my wee one and I will have matching Evangelines!


Zarina said:

Evangaline, visit family in California.


Amelia said:

Our local beach is where I’m dreaming of going. Once they reopen my family and I are there!
This dress is beautiful!!


Kelly said:

I’d love to take Evangeline to the beach with me!


Katie said:

We moved two states away from my family just before all this started, so I’m dying to go see my sisters and parents!! Maybe even have some Evangeline dresses/tops for my nieces!

Lois Smith

Lois Smith said:

I would take Evangeline with me when I can rebook my flight to visit my daughter in Oklahoma. Love so many of the options in this pattern. Yes please!


Annie said:

I can’t wait to visit my family or even just give my Mom a hug! It’s amazing how priorities shift now from grand plans to just simple desire to see family. And Evangeline would definitely come along with me!

Lois Smith

Lois Smith said:

I would take Evangeline with me when I can rebook my flight to visit my daughter in Oklahoma. Love so many of the options in this pattern. Yes please!


Sus'mita said:

I’d meet up with my bestie at our favorite vegetarian ramen house. And stroll at a park with our children. I’ll of course wear an Evangeline, twinning with my daughter.


Sus'mita said:

I’ll meet up with my bestie and eat at our favorite vegetarian ramen house. Then stroll around the park with our children. I’ll of course will be twinning an Evangeline with my daughter.


Lyssa said:

Abigail. We want to take our newborn to see all of our family



Love the Evangeline and this may be my favorite misses patterns by far! Definitely a family picture contender! Right now, my wish would be to wear it to Church.

Becky Davino

Becky Davino said:

I would make and bring all three dresses for my 3 year old who has been spoiled by mommy’s sudden free time for her and for making her “all the dresses”. In our dreams we would take a trip to a gorgeous tropical beach with all our family and friends and laugh and eat and enjoy each other until the sun sets. Then we’d tuck the kiddos into
bed in our beach tents and stay up drinking cocktails and talking; having some much-needed adult time.

Samantha Rodriguez

Samantha Rodriguez said:

When I can travel again, it would be to a small beach town on the coast of Florida. I need some toes in the sand relaxation! In my bag, I would definitely have one or two Evangeline dresses.


Suzanne said:

I would take the Evangeline on holiday to Rome. I booked Rome for my husbands 40th birthday as our first child free holiday since our girls were born. We had to cancel our trip which was suppose to be last week so we’re hoping to rebook as as soon as possible.


Jenn said:

I want to see my tribe face to face and have a glass of wine with them. As for big plans… I want a beach and a frou frou drink 😂 My husband has been isolated in our travel trailer for a week (he’s a mandatory employee for the city and still has to do public inspections) because we felt it wa a the safest choice for our family. So I’ve been single parenting our six kids. I think just a moment of quiet when all this is over would be lovely as well 😂

Lora Cinelli

Lora Cinelli said:

I love them all but Evangeline is probably a favorite. So adorable and versitile! My daughter is still at the age where she loves to match so having one in her size and one in my size would be so fun. We would go to Italy where my husband is from. I would love to see his family and the beautiful sights there not to mention to help build up their economy.

Grace Elliott

Grace Elliott said:

We are planning on a trip to the northwest visiting my grandmother, 16 aunts and uncles, and many many cousins once all this is over for one of my cousins’ wedding! Most of them have never met my kids or husband in person, and we’re very excited.

Also… anywhere alone. 🤣


Cheyenne said:

Just to be able to take my littles to play outside again would be a dream. I would love to gift my sweet girl an evangelize to wear for her 4th birthday, which unfortunately was cancelled and she’s heartbroken :/

Carla Tunget

Carla Tunget said:

I just want to take him to the maritime museum. That was the last thing we were meant to do before his sister became ill. Nothing fancy, or complicated just going to a museum we have been to tens of times, then get an ice cream and ride the train back home.

Brandy Burke

Brandy Burke said:

We were supposed to go home to Vermont for my Grandfather’s 80th birthday… He had to spend it quarantined but still managed to make us laugh with a video of him holding a hay bale over his head to throw (we’re farmers, to the bone- I just have a love for pretty things haha) So I foresee Biancas and Evangeline for me, and my two girls :) Cannot wait to get pictures of them in the clover at home.

Natalie Clemens

Natalie Clemens said:

Love all of VF!

Tonya Hurter

Tonya Hurter said:

Oh my gosh, how would I choose? I loooove the Evaneline. I think it would be fun. When this is all over, I just want to go to the beach in Emerald Isle, NC for a few days with my three kids. I usually take them on a mommy/kid trip for just a couple of nights and I’m just longing for that. :-)


Nichola said:

I would take my Evangeline to Italy.

Suzie Hurst

Suzie Hurst said:

I want to drive out to North Carolina with my whole family to visit my sister and meet my new niece face-to-face! And of course I’d have to take Evangelines for all the ladies to wear!!


Sarah said:

When I can travel again, I’d like to visit my Dad’s side of our family in Erie, PA and then visit my husband’s family in Guatemala. Evangeline and Bianca would be perfect for both trips for me. My daughter could wear Abigail baby.

Emily Hartman

Emily Hartman said:

I don’t need to travel far. Just a mile down the road to my parents’ house…have a drink in the back yard while the kids run around. And then run like the wind while nobody is looking 😈

Bhing Zialcita

Bhing Zialcita said:

I would love to do threening wearing this with my 2 daughters in boracay. The beach paradise here in the pilippines

Valerie Bonilla

Valerie Bonilla said:

I would like to take a family vacation to the beach! I would take a tie sleeve Evangeline! I love that tiered skirt. I would make one for me and one for each of my girls. We’ll be family picture ready!

Kimberly Seegmiller

Kimberly Seegmiller said:

I would love to take Abigail to visit my Mom! It’s been too long since I’ve been able to see her.


Serena said:

I would take my parents for a holiday and possibly rock a twinning Evangeline with my mum and my daughter !

Kelly Ivey

Kelly Ivey said:

We have a fishing trip planned for the Keys in June… hoping it happens! If so, I’m bringing a cute little tie shoulder Evangeline!

Celia Jennings

Celia Jennings said:

I love love love these new patterns, the Emaline is so flattering, one of the first to wear when we can go back to church.

Courtney S.

Courtney S. said:

We’re planning on going south to the beach – Mexico, maybe Disney World as well. Evangeline looks so great…love the options!

Kay Briley

Kay Briley said:

My husband and I had just sold our home of 29 years to downsize for health reasons ( he had 2 strokes that left right side weakness and mental & cognitive problems. Me with COPD and RSDS getting worse.) In the middle of moving my Momma got worse and passed away Jan 24. We decided to take a trip to Savannah, Ga and drive on up the coast to Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Not a big trip but what we wanted since we won’t be able to take many more. Then wham stay at home so I grieve at home but the Evangeline would be perfect since we have decided a family trip to Savannah with our 2 daughters and there families. So now I need all 3 Evangelines to make myself, my daughter’s and granddaughters one. We can’t wait.


Tanya said:

I will not be able to take any trips anytime soon. I made four trips to visit my mom who was dying of pancreatic cancer and I’ve exhausted all my sick and vacation time. I’m in the process of accumulating vacation time to settle my son in college in the fall. I’m also in the process of losing 30lbs. 10lbs down 20 more to go. I would love to win these patterns so I can make them in a size 6/8 so I have something pretty to wear and celebrate my weight loss journey.

Ezz Jz

Ezz Jz said:

I love Evangeline! I would take Evangeline for a day at the theatre at the city. Or to finally go on that trip my husband wants to go to Sydney

Tayla Thomas

Tayla Thomas said:

Normally see my mum & dad everyday, it’s been 4 weeks now & my children are missing them so much! My mums house, for Sunday dinner or a bbq in the garden will definitely be our first visit!! We can’t wait !!

Ashley Douglas

Ashley Douglas said:

Hoping to be able to travel to TN to see family soon!


Shirlanne said:

Love all the different options this gives!


Rebecca said:

We were planning a trip to Texas to visit friends. I hope we are still able to take it. I would love to bring Evangeline with the shoulder ties, would be great for the Texas summer heat!

Kristen Coberly

Kristen Coberly said:

I am looking forward to escaping to the beach 🏝. We live in Pensacola and are just waiting for them to be opened back up!

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