June day 5

Today is our final sewing day.  I can't wait to see all of the gorgeous dresses, but at the same time, we've had so much fun, I'm sad to see it end.  I guess we will just have to do another one soon!!  Let's head over to our machines and get started!

attach skirt pieces

Yesterday we left off after attaching our pockets to the side panels.  Grab both panels and the front skirt piece.  Lay your panels on top of your front center piece, right sides touching.  You panels will be at both raw edges of the front center piece.

sew sides

side seam

Pin in place and sew together.  Once sewn, the edge needs to be finished, so either trim and sew a zig zag stitch, or serge the SA.  Do this for both sides.

skirt pieces

finished edge

skirt sedge

Now take your back skirt piece and lay it down right side up.  Lay your piece with both the side an center front pieces you just sewed on top, right side down.  Sew the sides together and finish edges just like we did in the steps above.



You should have one skirt piece now!!  It's time to hem, so take it over to your iron.  We are going to iron 1/2", then turn up another 1/2".  Once ironed, take over to your machine and sew.



This is when I took a step back and realized I wasn't quite happy with how my dress was looking.  It was a tad to plain for my liking so I pulled back out that lace from Day 1 that I never used and decided to add it to the hem!  Now I am {LOVING} it!!!

gathered skirt

It's time to sew our gathering stitches.  I like to sew 2 rows of stitches for more even gathers.  Pull your bobbin threads and gather your skirt.  You want your skirt to be the same width ass your bodice.

bodice and skirt

Take your bodice and turn it wrong side out, so the right side is not showing.  Now put your bodice over the skirt, matching the raw edges.  Your bodice will be upside down.  Match your side seams of the bodice with the side seams of your skirt, even out your gathers, and pin your bodice and skirt.  Be cautious when pinning around the elastic panel in the back.  You are going to have to pull the panel straight so it's not gathered.

sewn bodice and skirt

finished edge

Take over to your machine and sew.  Take your time!  I like to gently pull my skirt down while I'm sewing and adjust it as I sew so that the gathers are even.  Once sewn, finish the raw edge with your preferred method.  


June dress pdf

 Now take over to your ironing board and iron the SA up towards the bodice.  You can now turn the dress right side out and topstitch.  Guess what, sewing sisters??  We are {DONE}!!!!  

June dress pdf pattern VFT

June dress pdf pattern VFT

June dress pdf pattern

June dress with pockets VFT

June dress pdf VFT

Your June dress is ready to be worn, so find a little lady to model and get out that camera.  Make sure to add a photo into the Day 5 album!  I cannot wait to see all your gorgeous dresses, so share away in the FB group, on instagram, and on twitter!!!

June SAL

 I have had so much fun sewing with you all!  If you need to catch up still, you can find all the previous days here:  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.  And don't forget about our {AMAZING} Sew-a-Long prize!  1 lucky participant will win 5 VFT patterns along with a $50 gift card to Hawthorne Threads!!!  This is one prize you want to win, so make sure to get those daily photos in the albums!!  Winner will be chosen Monday, so check back here to see if you were the lucky winner!


July 15, 2016 by Emily Steiger