Hi friends! Cassie here to share my contribution to the Spring Dress Collection, Kennedy! This entire collection is going to be epic- the looks are all so unique and have such fun features! If you didn't see Olive yesterday, hop over and check out that amazingness from Alexis!!!! 

Let's first talk a little about the inspiration behind the design! One of my major style icons is Audrey Hepburn. I love her sophisticated, yet playful outfits and how she always looked so well put together. 

(image via Pinterest)

This photo set my creative juices flowing!!!! Just look at that skirt!

Since we already had an Audrey pattern, I had to think outside the box for the pattern name...bring on my second favorite style icon, Jackie Kennedy! Her classic and elegant style was exactly what I wanted for this dress design.

Meet Kennedy! This sample was sewn with Cotton and Steel/Rifle Paper Co. Canvas from the Amalfi Collection.

She has a playful cross-over front bodice, super sweet cutout back detail and the most darling and twirl-worthy, pleated circle skirt. This Tween Kennedy sample was sewn with Hawthorne Threads in-house canvas from the new Hedgerow collection

Let's take a closer look at the features showcased by these incredible tester images!

Emmanuelle sewed up this darling Kennedy and used the same stripe from the bodice as her skirt facing for a playful detail! The skirt facing will allow you to create a beautiful finish!

Laura used Art Gallery printed denim for her Kennedy. The weight and body of denim, canvas, twill, etc. really help to keep the skirt shape and allow for a fuller look!

Rachael sewed up this beautiful Kennedy with a solid bodice that really showcases the modest cross over front bodice. 

Ashley totally captured two of my favorite features in Kennedy- the awesome cutout back bodice and the amazing twirl-ability of the pleated circle skirt!

Are you obsessed with Kennedy yet??? The testers all did such an incredible job giving feedback and suggestions to tweak Kennedy into the most perfect spring dress!!! We are so thankful for our stellar group of sewists! 

One more peek at Kennedy for inspiration- Alexis sewed this one with a gathered skirt instead of the pleats! Doesn't it look incredible!?!?! 

I hope you are falling in love with Kennedy's unique style and fun features!!! Would you like to win a copy of both Tween Kennedy and Kennedy in girls' sizes?? How about a $40 gift card to spend on awesome fabric from Hawthorne Threads?? Enter the giveaway below! Be sure to check out the post in our Facebook group for another giveaway each day this week as well as all the details about the release this Friday!


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March 28, 2018 by Cassie M


Susmita Fontanilla

Susmita Fontanilla said:

Such a lovely pattern. Definitely something I’d like to include to my VFT collection.

Susmita Fontanilla

Susmita Fontanilla said:

Such a lovely pattern. Definitely something I’d like to include to my VFT collection.

Jessica Boaz

Jessica Boaz said:

This pattern is so beautiful. I love the way the back looks.

Jessica Dawson

Jessica Dawson said:

I absolutely love the front cross over, something a little different :)


PY said:

Lovely dress! Super 💕.

Andreia Lino

Andreia Lino said:

My favorite feature is the lovely skirt inspired in the Audrey dress ❤️

Stevie Raw

Stevie Raw said:

I cannot wait to try this pattern , it’s absolutely stunning. The wrap over and reversible charm is brilliant


Laura said:

I adore this pattern!! I love the vintage feel. I love the box pleats and the cut out detail back😍😍

Anura Wadia

Anura Wadia said:

Love everything about this pattern, the crossover bodice, pleated skirt. Time to get some canvas or upholstery fabric :)

Cecile Le Borgne

Cecile Le Borgne said:

Everything is perfect about this dress… but i specially love the cross-over front bodice! love it


Bridgett said:

Beautiful design. My favorite so far from the new collection. 😍

Tina Weikel

Tina Weikel said:

Those pleats are just beautiful! Such lovely detailing on this dress.

Sara M

Sara M said:

This is so unique!!! My fav is the back! Love


Taylor said:

It’s absolutely beautiful!!! I love it!!


Meagan said:

I’m really loving the pleated skirt on his dress! It looks very full from the photos!

Beth Shepard

Beth Shepard said:

Kennedy is beautiful…so many ways to mix things up her from dressy/formal to fun and playful!


Juliana said:

Omg I love this!! I’m going to have to hack the tween version for myself and make matching dresses for my daughter and I. These would be perfect for going on a mommy daughter fancy lunch date and shopping around town!


Kimberly said:

I love the fully twirls skirt!


Merrie said:

This is exactly what I was looking for, for my fashion forward 9 yr old. She is so picky about her clothes and not looking like a baby. This dress covers it all!!



I LOVE the details on the front and back bodice! Plus every little girl will love twirling in this dress!

Joanna Malachowsky

Joanna Malachowsky said:

My favorite feature is the skirt facing! The ones with contrast there are so fun!

Rachael Gettings

Rachael Gettings said:

The detail of the crossover bodice, oh my goodness, I absolutely adore this dress!

Maggie Beck

Maggie Beck said:

The entire dress is positively elegant, but I especially love the fall of the skirt!

Meg Ammerman

Meg Ammerman said:

I come from a long line of twirlers. Now I have twirling grandgirls❣️
My twirling daughter at ANTM💃https://www.facebook.com/celiaammerman/posts/1900601729950620

Robin Elkthunder

Robin Elkthunder said:

The cut out back bodice is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful blog post this is!!


Uma said:

Lovely….can’t wait to try it


Rebecca said:

All your patterns are beautiful! Love the circle skirt on this one!

Wendy H

Wendy H said:

I just love the back cutout!!! And the pleated circle skirt! And the cross front!! Can I love all the things?

Christina S

Christina S said:

Love this one

Kiitana Ross

Kiitana Ross said:

Omg I love the crossed back and front on the dress. Beautiful!!


Crystal said:

I LOVE the keyhole opening in the back and the beautiful box pleats add a touch of sophistication for our DDs that outgrowing some of the cutesy stuff! I can’t wait to make one for my Kennedy!


Lisa said:

I love love love the skirt! That will be my daughter’s favorite as well. I have always been attached to really cute backs and this one is definitely on my list of favorites!


Pam said:

Love the pattern!!

Kristi or Scott Geilenfeld

Kristi or Scott Geilenfeld said:

I Love everything about this pattern- the back, the skirt <3 <3 <3


Emily said:

I adore the back! My daughter loves features like that and would love this dress. The twirlability factor is high too, which is ALWAYS a good thing with my girls!


Megan said:

The back of this dress is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to make it!


Meaghan said:

Love this!

Shelia Jackson

Shelia Jackson said:

I love the back. It’s very sophisticated!!

Lexie Cook

Lexie Cook said:

I love the back!!!


Sheila said:

The criss cross bodice front is adorable. :)


Phyllis said:

Beautiful……..love your design!


Elisabeth said:

I love the crossed bodice and the cut out on the back and the full skirt. I would love a Mommy sized version!

Sharon Beynon

Sharon Beynon said:

My favourite feature of the Kennedy Dress is the pleated circle skirt

Joni Farquhar

Joni Farquhar said:

I would use the Indy Bloom Hello Spring Collection…love it!


Suz said:

I think this is a new favorite!

Samantha Chandler

Samantha Chandler said:

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Loving the new releases!! Can’t wait to buy!!


Deborah said:

I love the pleat in the back! What little girl wouldn’t want to twirl in this?


Dottie said:

Anything inspired by Audrey Hepburn wins automatic approval, adding Jackie Kennedy confirms perfection! My granddaughter is going to love her “twerrly” new dress!

Jennifer Stover

Jennifer Stover said:

I just love the back of Kennedy!


Lori said:

Is there any news about when the winners of all three blog giveaways will be announced? 😍

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