Have you been following our mini blog series showcasing each of the new Spring Dress Collection patterns? If not, be sure to hop back and check out the previous posts! 

We're wrapping up the series with a lovely photo spread of all three patterns together, maxi style, featuring the *new and coming soon* rayon substrate from Hawthorne Threads

From left to right: 

{Elodie} in Parapluie Sailor Stripe in Gold (Rayon) and white gauze, single layer maxi length 

{Evelyn} in Parapluie Sailor Stripe in Ink (Rayon) and Au Printemps in Indigo (Rayon) for the ruffle, maxi length

{Cairo} in Parapluie Sailor Stripe in Tulip (Rayon)

The girls area also wearing headbands and hair wraps made with Bicyclette in Paris

The Rayon substrate is coming soon to Hawthorne Threads for their gorgeous in-house collections and is a must have for this spring and summer! The drape is perfect for sewing apparel fabrics, isn't too slippery to cause difficulty when trying to line up finicky prints like these sailor stripes, and is so soft and cool in warmer temps! 

The back of the new Cairo pattern is sooo dreamy with crocheted lace and the sweet Sailor Stripe. The Cairo pattern is available in girls (2-10), baby (0-3 mos through 24 mos), tween (10-16) and 18" doll sizes!

The Evelyn pattern features gorgeous bodice ruffles and the super on-trend cold shoulder sleeve ruffle. I love how Alexis played with the direction of the stripes to really make this dress pop! 

The Elodie pattern is so sweet in an everyday version with the Sailor Stripe in Gold and opaque white gauze. Perfect for the beach! 

For this shoot, we set out to the La Tour (aka The Tower) at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. La Tour is French for "The Tower" and was a nice ode to the French influence of the fabrics. The sailor stripe from the Parapluie fabric collection fit with the beach setting. The trio of stripe colors complimented our sun-drenched ocean view perfectly. 

And, because we know many of you have scooped up the patterns during the sale (wait, you didn't??? Hurry because the sale ends Monday, April 3rd! Use coupon code "SPRINGDRESS") and now need some great fabric to sew with...

We've teamed up with our wonderful friends at Hawthorne Threads and Art Gallery Fabrics to give you a chance to win some new fabric!!!! Simply enter the rafflecopter giveaway below and one lucky winner will enjoy a $25 shopping spree to Hawthorne Threads *and* 2 yard bundles of voile from the Inblue, Bountiful and Indie Boheme fabric collections! 

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April 03, 2017 by Cassie M



Kirsten said:

I’ve sewn with voile before! So pretty!


Beth said:

I have never sewn with Rayon or voile, but they’re on my list to try!


Jana said:

Yes! I have sewn with both fabrics and love the drape of them, especially for skirts and blouses/tops

Vanisha Griggs

Vanisha Griggs said:

Yes I have sewn with both, once you venture away from always using cottons it is so freeing. The drape is different and it makes your sewing dreamy. I hope we get some shops that carry these fabrics. I usually have to order or get them when I am out of town.


JaNae said:

I recently made a blouse out of Rayon challis and I love it! It was so easy to work with and so comfortable to wear.

Chrystie Versfelt-Walker

Chrystie Versfelt-Walker said:

These patterns and fabrics are positively dreamy!! Love!


Liesel said:

I love the end result more than I love sewing with them, but they are so worth it!!! Gorgeous!


Heather said:

Rayon sews up like a dream. I’ve never sewn with voile, though I’m sure it’s lovely as well!

Susan C

Susan C said:

Gorgeous dresses! Love the drape of these fabrics!

Vanessa Avalos

Vanessa Avalos said:

I love the setting of the photos and those beautiful coordinated dresses. I have Cairo and cannot wait to sew it with some soft voile.

Lisa Roussel

Lisa Roussel said:

I haven’t sewn with either rayon or voile, but when I’ve seen projects made with rayon, it looks like it has beautiful drape and is so flowy.

Jane Millar

Jane Millar said:

Ooh love these stripes! What a fab shoot, these dresses look so fab!

Elaine Johnson

Elaine Johnson said:

First of all, I want to go to the beach lol, can’t wait to make this fabulous dress!

Stacy Fuller

Stacy Fuller said:

I haven’t sewn with them yet, but would love to. Thanks for the opportunity!


Ashley said:

I love rayon! Have not sewn with my yard yet, but I will and I know it will be soft and amazing.


Alexis said:

I haven’t seen with either fabric yet. I do have some voile in my stash I have been saving for just the right project.


Amber said:

I love them all as maxi dresses! That fabric and location are beautiful! ???


Amber said:

I love them all as maxi dresses! That fabric and location are beautiful!


Christine said:

It is HOT year round where I am and rayon is nice and breezy.

Sherry S

Sherry S said:

I love rayon fabrics. If you have a walking foot they are sew very easy to sew.

Isabel A.

Isabel A. said:

I never sewed with that type of fabric but i would love to try.

jennifer denison

jennifer denison said:

I haven’t sew with the fabrics before but I have some voile on my wish list bc I want to someday. :)


Kezia said:

I haven’t yet, just started sewing a couple months ago, I wanted to work on cheaper fabrics before feeling confident enough for some pretties??


Taylor said:

I have never seen with it but I’m dying to try it!! Ya’ll make it look so beautiful!!


Sara said:

beautiful dresses, girls and location!


Elizabeth said:

Finally! I haven’t found a good rayon fabric in many years so I can’t wait to order some.

Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams said:

I haven’t sewn with rayon or voile so this would be a great time to try :) Thank you!!!!


Brandyn said:

Absolutely IN LOVE with this newest collection!!


jess said:

this fabric is sooo amazing. i’m a sucker for stripes!

Maureen Nokes

Maureen Nokes said:

I am loving these patterns to make for my Granddaughter!

Kate Yetter

Kate Yetter said:

I have not sewn with rayon or any specialtype fabrics but these patterns are gorgeous and would tempt me to try anything if the outcome is as magnificent as these. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jane Coley

Jane Coley said:

Looking forward to using voile for the first time with a VFT dress of course!

Annie B

Annie B said:

It’s been a long time since I sewed with voile but I love the drape for garments!


Heather said:

So pretty! I’ve never worked with either of those fabrics so it would be a joyous adventure.


Megan said:

I have never sewn with either…just learning so I’m sticking with cotton for bow


Megan said:

I have never sewn with either…just learning so I’m sticking with cotton for now! ;)


Elizabeth said:

I have only sewn with cotton. But I’m willing to try. Love these new dresses!


Shaina said:

No sewn with them, but they look dreamy!

Christina Settle

Christina Settle said:

I love the drape, plain and simple. I honestly wish there were more options for purchase of these kinds of fabrics. I would make a lot more garments for myself if there were!!


Jen said:

It’s been a long time since I have sewn with anything other than cotton. Might have to try again for the Cairo!


Jennifer said:

I have never seen with either fabric but hope to soon!

Jennifer Seale

Jennifer Seale said:


Shelley Gajus

Shelley Gajus said:

I love sewing with dressy drapey fabric for my girls! So elegant, flows and cool for summer! I’d probably make VFT dresses for all three out of them, probably baby Clara and a long Lainey, I’m undecided on the third.


Sarai said:

I actually haven’t seen with either, but just LOVE the drape of them!!

Julie Bailey

Julie Bailey said:

I have not sewn with this fabric.

Susan h

Susan h said:

I love the look of this fabric. I have not used it yet but now I want to!


Jodie said:

I haven’t used these fabrics yet.

Trecia Stumbaugh

Trecia Stumbaugh said:

I haven’t sewn with this type of fabric, but being a part of this group, I am learning VERY quickly! Bring it on!!

Sara S.

Sara S. said:

I haven’t had a chance to see with them yet but I really want to! They are such gorgeous fabrics!


Wehaf said:

I’ve never sewn with either rayon or voile, but I love the hand and drape of those fabrics and want to try them out.

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