The most difficult secret to keep from 2019 = Brianna!!  This is the classic, comfy & cozy PDF pajama pattern for knit fabrics everyone has literally been dreaming of!!  It has us all up in our feels, soaking in every second of our little ones in their snuggliest and comfiest attire.


Bedtime cuddles…such a precious time of the day when all the stress melts away as you snuggle up for a bedtime story!!   Feeling the breathing of your little one slow as their heartbeat matches in rhythm with yours.  These moments are what we as mothers live for… the physical connection of relaxing with your child and the emotional closeness brought on by you being their safe space, ushering in dreamland. 



Are matching pajamas a necessity for this?!  Absolutely not!  However, knowing mommy (or Grandma) made their sweetest sleep set definitely is the icing on the cake!!   And who doesn’t love matching PJ’s?   Especially when they come with options for the whole family to enjoy!!!

Regardless of whether you choose to create Brianna with long sleeve, or short sleeves, cuffed pants or shorts…this is one quick sew that is super rewarding!! And did you see  - Brianna is available in all our size ranges - Baby, Girls, Tween, Misses AND Doll... there really Is an option for everyone to get their cuddle on using this pattern!! 


And because I know you all will be dying to know - All of the super soft and GORGEOUS knit fabric seen in these pictures comes from the amazing Hawthorne Supply Co.  (Direct links posted under these pictures for the fabrics!) . Definitely head over to their website to discover your new favorite Fabric source!!

Our Mommy + Me set was created using fabric from Hawthorn Supply Co's Tundra line in the Winter Freeze color way - listed here:

 Our coordinating Tween set was made from Hawthorn Supply Co's Glamorous Christmas line by Indy Bloom, shown here:

December 09, 2019 by Alexis Wright