day 7

We made it!  Today is the final day for our Haven sew-a-long!  Yay!!  So glad you all stuck with me and sewed this awesome pattern!  Let's get sewing so we can see those lovely finished Havens!


Yesterday, we finished attaching the lining waistband to the main waistband.  Flip the lining waistband up, making sure the bodice and straps stay down, and iron the top edge towards the wrong side, 1/2in.  While you are at your iron, iron the SA down towards the bottom.

fold waistband down

Now take your entire garment and turn it inside out.  We are now going to fold the waistband lining over the exposed seam of your shorts, pantaloons, or skirt.  This ensures there is no exposed seam at the waist!

Here's my little tip for making sure while you sew your waistband doesn't move around. I like to use stitch witchery or a handy dandy glue stick.  Yes, you heard that right.  I use a glue stick!  Just put some glue along that folded edge of the lining waistband, and then take over to your iron and iron it down to cover the seam.  Super easy and I don't have to worry about pins getting in the way!

waistband sewn

leave openings for elastic

It's time to sew the waistband down, so turn the garment right side out.  Sew around the waistband, right above the seam, but make sure to leave an opening on each side between the side seam and your lace strap.  This ensures you can insert your elastic into the casing.  Don't forget to continue sewing along the back, leaving the openings on each side.

insert elastic

Once sewn, insert your elastic into the back casing.  Measure 1 1/2in from the side seam on each side and mark.  This is where the elastic will be sewn to the waistband.  Your elastic will not stretch along the entire back.  This is so the bodice lays smooth.  Sew the elastic at both markings.  Once the elastic is sewn, sew the back openings closed.

waist seam

waist seam

You now have a completely enclosed waist seam!  Pat your self on the back!  That tends to be the hardest part for me, and you just did it!  This is what is should look like on the inside!  

fold edges

sew edges

Now it's time to revisit the straps.  Fold the serged edge 1/2in towards the wrong side of the strap and sew.  This is now casing for the neckline ties

If you are not creating a sash, then guess what???  You are done!!  WOO HOO!!  If you are making a sash, lets keep sewing!


sash pieces

Take two of your sash pieces and line up 2 of the short ends and sew together.  Do this with the remaining two sash pieces.  I like to take over to my iron and iron the seams flat.

sash right sides together

trim sa

Now place your sash pieces rights sides together.  Pin along the 2 long sides and 1 short side, leaving the other short side open for turning right side out.  Sew along your pinned edges, trim off 1/2 of the SA and clip the corners.  I serged me edges since my pinking shears desperately need to be sharpened.  Use whatever trimming method you like best!

topstitch sash

Turn your sash right side out and iron.  Turn the raw open short end of the sash in 1/2in and iron.  Take over to your machine and top stitch along all four sides.

If you'd like to create belt loops, take your pieces and fold the top and bottom short ends 1/4in in and iron.  Then fold the long edges to meet at the middle and iron.  Fold the loops in half and iron flat.  Place each loop over each side sew and sew along the top and bottom edges, securing to the waistband.

Haven pdf pattern

Haven romper

Haven pdf romper

Haven shorts romper pdf

Haven pdf pattern VFT

And there you have it!  You have completed the Haven!  Stand back and enjoy your gorgeous creation!  Now it's time to show it off!  Upload a photo into our Day 7 album for your chance to win an awesome prize!!  All participants who have sewn along with us and have a completed Haven photo in the Day 7 album will be entered to win a VFT 5 pattern prize pack PLUS a $50 Hawthorne Threads Gift Card!  You definitely want a chance to win, so get those photos uploaded!  1 photo per garment please.  You have until 5pm EST on 4/1/16 to get your photo into the album!!


If you still need to catch up, you can find our previous days here:  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 6.  We are so glad you joined in our VFT Haven Sew-a-Long!  Thanks for hanging out with us and having fun!  


March 31, 2016 by Emily Steiger