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Who was that special someone who taught you how to sew?

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May 22, 2014 by Jessica Herning



Elisa said:

My mother taught me how to sew, thankfully. But after a hiatus of some time, I delved back into it after inheriting my mother-in-law’s sewing items. (Countless spools of thread, pinking shears, etc.- it’s the little things that make all the difference!) Grateful for those 2 lovely ladies!

Tabitha Reed

Tabitha Reed said:

My mom!!!


Jennifer said:

I didn’t have a “special” someone teach me to sew in the sense of being related. I took a sewing class with my good friend Maife at a place called Sweet Teeasures in Columbus, Georgia when we were both expecting our first babies. The first thing I made was a John John and she made an A-line dress…we both ended up making the opposite outfit of the babies sex we were having, obviously not knowing at the time. That is where my love of sewing started. And tomorrow is no uniform day at my daughters school and she can’t wait to wear the Cosette dress I made her!

Courtney Blocklinger

Courtney Blocklinger said:

My Mother is the first person that taught me to sew. I’ve also learned a thing or two from my Aunt and Mother in law.


Jacqueline said:

Wish I could say someone taught me but I am self taught however I do believe I get my Tashkent from my grandmother

Kirstin said:

My mom always sewed but I pretty much taught myself by watching her.


Tammy said:

My mom taught me a few basics as a young kid and then I took one year of home-ec where we made 2 projects. I consider myself to really be self-taught as most of my skills were gained in the past 5 or so years.


Catie said:

I actually learned in Home Ec class. I cannot remember my teachers name that taught me. One of the first things we learned was a pillow case :)

Gwendolyn B

Gwendolyn B said:

I learned from my Mum- I still ask her questions all the time!

Jo Dee Bright

Jo Dee Bright said:

my mother sewed clothing for me becuz i was so tall and skinny she couldnt find anything “store-bought” to fit…she gave ma a huge needle and thread and i sat at her feet to give me directions…..who would of known that simple thing to keep me busy would turn into a wonderful gift i can use my entire life!!! shoot, even cutting patterns was explained by mom…..she is awesome and my handwork,thanks to her, is also very awesome!!


rebecca said:

Trial and Error ;)

Amanda Wilson Levanovich

Amanda Wilson Levanovich said:

My friend taught me how to use my machine in a single afternoon, and I was hooked!!!! :)

Beverly Tayler

Beverly Tayler said:

A combination, one year in home ec we made a skirt, my MIL taught me to make simple drapes and the rest I learned by trial and error. :)


Elizabeth said:

My grandmother. :)


Gail said:

I taught myself. I am now teaching by daughters!


Jennifer said:

I remember my grandmother sewing when I was real young but by the time I could learn she was not able to teach. So self taught but grandmother inspired


Carrie said:

My mom! she taught me to be precise, line seams up, PIN and iron, measure twice cut once…all things I’m sure I have exclaimed in my sleep. Lol. Annoying at the time but so glad the fundamentals were nailed down! <3


Helen said:

My mum taught me then at school.


heather said:

my nanny-goat


Louise said:

My mom inspired my sisters and I to sew. She sent us to the Singer Sewing center when we were kids to get lessons. At the time I didn’t like it, but a few years later I did decide that it was for me. Sewing ever since


Louise said:

My mom taught us to sew. She also sent us to the Singer Sewing Center for lessons one summer since she wanted us occupied. At the time I hated it, but a few years later I was hooked. Been sewing ever since. Thank you MOM!

Rachel Booth

Rachel Booth said:

My mom sewed when I was a little girl but I never really picked up the knack for it. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I began sewing – and I learned from blogs and online tutorials! :)

Kelly R

Kelly R said:

When it comes to sewing I am self taught. Although, I know that if my great grandmother were still with us I know she would have enjoyed teaching me. She had four girls and made all of their dresses.


Mary said:

My grandmother made quilts by hand,my mom did alterations on prom gowns and made my sister’s wedding gown. I’m sure either would have lived to teach me,but I wasn’t willing to learn. I took a home ec class in high school where I learned the basics, but I hated it. But one day, I just decided my dog needed a bed, so I pulled out the machine Mom had given me just incase I needed one. I made a couple other small projects, but didn’t really get into sewing a lot until my daughter was born.

Kayla H.

Kayla H. said:

I learned a bit in school, and have been inspired by the women in my family: my mom and grandmothers, sister, and aunt all have influenced me. I recently realized my love for making clothes for my kids and will soon venture into my own sewing for my closet! :) thanks for the cute patterns.

Yvette Carter

Yvette Carter said:

I am pretty much self taught :) I just decided one day that I wanted to start making my daughter adorable dresses so I bought one of your patterns and started!

Allison P

Allison P said:

I’m my own special someone…haha. I’m self taught.

Melissa J.

Melissa J. said:

Self taught after looking at some of the VFT patterns. I thought to myself, “I really want to make that”, and I did! ;-)

teresa s

teresa s said:

Other than a junior high home economic class ages ago, I taught myself.


Kristen said:

My mother in law helped me sew my oldest daughter’s 1st bday dress and I sew a few more things, but it wasn’t untily third child did I really start to explore more on my own. Mostly self taught but I couldn’t have the confidence without that initial guidance by my MIL that I could do it.

Pam O'Flynn

Pam O'Flynn said:

I taught myself as a single mom of three, years ago when money was tight. I discovered I loved it and have never stopped! If there is a technique I am unsure of, I look it up, buy a tutorial or (now) look on YouTube.


Trish said:

My Grandma! Although I must admit I didn’t value what she taught me until just recently. I intend to make a crazy quilt once I have enough scraps, in her honor!


Jamie said:

My mom! She taught me the basics and then answered questions! Now I do her sewing too. :)

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