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As a mom of 3 I adore the lazy days of summer, where bedtime is late and the days are long.  Where the days are hot and filled with sand, water and memory making.  With summer in full swing now it’s time we talk about what is hot, and I’m not talking about the sun!  This summer, everywhere I look I see blue and white.  It is slowly taking over as the go to pairing.  We are still seeing black and white as a trend this season, but a fresher and less stark pairing of blue and white is creeping up and looking fabulous.

Blue and White Umbrellas Blue shells

Blue, of any shade, is hot hot hot this summer.  And while you can find it with many other color pairings, the most popular and the one you will see most often this season, is white.  White has always been a summer staple.  There’s nothing like a crisp white button down shirt, or a fabulous pair of summer white pants.  Take a look around and I bet you will start to notice that this color combination is everywhere!  It’s at the beach you frequent, the country store you visited on vacation, the big box store you went to last week, even the small brick and mortar in town that sells all those little trinkets your kiddos love.

Blue and White Fashion Pic Summer Crop Top

Blue and white is a trend that everyone can pull off.  But let’s be honest, there are more than a few trends that we look at and think, “there’s no way I could wear that”.  Blue and white is a simple, clean and knows no age trend.  These photos are the perfect example.  I know many women who would look at these and immediately say, “Absolutely not!  No way I can wear that”.  And maybe they are right.  Maybe the culottes and crop top look just aren’t for them, even though both are huge summer trends.  Maybe the midi skirt is just too long for their frame or tucking in a blouse is just not flattering on them.  But do you see their color choices?  Stark white with gorgeous bright blue accents.   Beautiful and simple!  No need to over accessorize or go crazy.  Just a simple classic combo that looks fresh and put together.  And both looks are pulling from multiple summer trends without being in your face “trendy”. 

The thing I love about this color combo is the everyday use of it.  It can be hard to rock a floral pant for everyday wear, or that crop top to the office.  Emily from Jones Design Company shows just how effortless it is to bring this trend into your everyday life.

8 Favorite Outfits for summer

Each outfit looks put together but not fussy.  They look comfortable but not careless.  And notice the trend?  Each outfit has at least one of this lovely blue and white combo.  5 out of 8 have both colors.  And I’m betting that you could step into your closet and do this same thing with pieces you already own. 

Blue and White Blue Outfit Stylish Summer Kids

We may have our outfits all squared away, but we shouldn’t forget our little kiddos who need to look good too!  Blue and white is a wonderful combination that works wonderfully for both boys and girls.  For boys, this classic color trend is easy to take from every day to special occasion.  Blue and white striped shorts, printed board shorts, or even a classic navy suit, takes your little man from the casual beach and backyard bbq’s to the occasional summer wedding or party. 

Jane Dress PDF Pattern Jane Sewing Pattern

And for girls, nothing beats a gorgeous party dress.  This season, not only are we seeing blue and white everywhere, but add in a whimsical fabric and you’ve got an instant head turner.  The Jane PDF Sewing Pattern is the perfect summer dress.  White gauzy fabric screams summer, while the blue whimsical Michael Miller Kitten fabric is perfect to keep your little girl little, but still give her a dress even us more mature ladies would covet.  The vintage look of this dress paired with this classic color combo will bring your little lady right in line with this summer’s hottest trends.

Blue and white furniture trends Summer Kitchen ideas Cool blue decorating ideas

The blue and white trend doesn’t just stop at fashion.  Blue and white is a classic combo for homewares too.  This doesn’t have to be over the top but can be brought in through subtle pieces.  A throw pillow, a vase, or a thin stripe on a curtain.  If you want to be bold a blue sofa or accent chair may be the perfect piece for you.  And you don’t have to stick with one shade of blue.  While I am a classic navy and white kind of girl who may have recently painted her master bedroom navy and white, maybe you like aqua, or azure, or china blue.  Whatever your color pallet, I guarantee white and blue can effortlessly mix in and bring some freshness to your home.

There you have it.  A summer trend that anyone or any home can pull off!  Let us know what some of your favorite summer trends are!  Until next time friends, thanks for reading!

July 17, 2015 by Emily Steiger