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This post is sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics.  All fabrics used in this post were provided by Art Gallery.  All ideas and opinions are my own

As sewists we can all agree that we absolutely positively have a love of fabric!  Fabric is what binds us {and our garments}, and when we find a fabric that we love it’s hard to stop us from sewing up everything we can get our hands on, or stashing it away and treating it like a prized possession! 


When I saw Art Gallery's newest line, Curiosities by Jeni Baker, I got a little giddy and may have sat staring at my computer screen for a few too many moments, dreaming up what these fabulous fabrics could become!  If you’re anything like me fabric often speaks to you.  Sometimes you look at it and immediately know what it will become.  Sometimes you buy it because you {know} that down the road there will be the perfect project for it.  This line, I knew instantly what it would become!  It didn’t speak to me, it screamed REALLY REALLY LOUDLY!

Art Gallery Curiosities

Jeni Baker’s line is described as this: “Inspired by the many small wonders in life, Curiosities invites you to explore the world around you. A sophisticated color palette with a vintage twist transports you to a whimsical garden. This collection is dedicated to Jeni's bunny George, who is ever curious.”  This whimsical line caught my eye immediately.  I adore the color palette, and with two colorways, I think this is a line that everyone will be able to find a fabric they love!

Curiosities fabric line

For me, this line and both colorways, give the perfect transition from summer to fall.  With greens and blues that speak summer and water and beach, leading to pinks and oranges and browns that say fall and changing leaves and crisp autumn weather.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these and maybe give them a little bit of a snuggle before I sewed these beauties up!

Art Gallery fabrics are by far some of the nicest quality fabrics I have worked with!  This isn’t the first time I’ve had the pleasure of sewing up some of their yummy goodies, but believe me, their products do not disappoint!  Not only did they graciously send me over some beautiful woven cottons, but they even sent some super soft and cuddly knits! 

Madelyn Shirt

With school starting soon {gasp, is summer already almost over????} I knew I should sew up some pieces that would be transitional pieces for the coming cooler months.  I started with the Madelyn Shirt.  This knit or woven top features an adorable woven collar and button loop back, and if you ask me does not get enough love!!!  This was my first VFT pattern I ever sewed over 2 years ago! 

Madelyn Shirt Back

Now, if you have a “threenager” like me, there is no way button loops were going to work!  A modified back to the rescue!  I make this gorgeous top in knit Candied Lollies Mint with Firefly Jar Dark collar.  I think it’s the perfect top and the fabric look gorgeous together!

Madelyn Shirt and Allie Shorts

This top is perfect for the hot summer days we are still having here in Michigan, but will be perfect paired with a cardigan come fall. 

Allie Shorts

For the bottoms, I went with the newer Allie Shorts minus the bow.  I adore these shorts and love the bow, but I knew for a versatile everyday look, I needed to leave the bow off.  These shorts are sewed up in Caught Snowflakes Navy, and I think they look wonderful!  You can’t go wrong with navy shorts!  And if you missed it, they follow one of the hottest summer trends, so you can’t beat that! 

Allie Shorts with buttons

I decided on some cute mint green buttons to play off the mint in the top, and I’m really pleased with how this outfit turned out!  I look forward to the cooler weather so I can add a cute little sweater, tights, and some boots!  My little lady will be ready for fall!

Lilly Belle

I knew that top #2 needed to be the Lilly Belle Pinafore.  I made one recently and this top is quick quick quick to sew!  If you are an instant gratification type person like me, this is the pattern for you!  You can add the bow, or waterfall ruffle, or leave both off like I did!  And this top is even reversible!  2 for 1!!  Can’t beat that!

Lilly Belle Pinafore

I chose Candied Lollies Orange for the main side, with Caught Snowflakes Blush on the reverse.  I haven’t added buttons to the reverse side yet since I only had 2 of these fabulous wooden buttons, but when I get back to the store and buy 2 more, you better believe I’m adding them!  My daughter LOVES this top and I adore the beautiful lines it creates when she dances and twirls!  And while some pinafore patterns lack in the coverage department, this pattern leaves your little lady fully covered and looking beautiful!

Candied Lollies Orange Fabric

When the weather starts to change, I will put a long sleeve tee underneath and call it good to go!  Maybe even a wrap ballet sweater!

Lilly Belle Leggings

The best option to pair with this top was obviously the Lilly Belle Leggings!  My daughter already owns 2 pairs of these leggings, which she’s been wearing for going on 2 years now, and they are still my favorite leggings on her!  I decided on knit Firefly Jar Dark!  This was the perfect fabric to showcase the delicate firefly pattern!  You could easily to add accents to these pants by sewing the ruffles in a second fabric, but I thought this fabric needed to be front and center! 

Lilly Belle

My daughter loved these pants and didn’t want to take them off because they were “so comfy”!  I love this pattern because for my tiny daughter, these cropped pants are actually full length.  These will fit her for years to come!

The great part about the Curiosities line is that everything goes well together!  I am not one for “matchy matchy”, I’d much rather have things “go together”.  This line allows you to mix and match effortlessly even if you have trouble combining fabrics, without it looking silly!  I decided to show you all how easy it really is.  You have seen outfit #1 and #2, so take a look at outfit #3 and #4!

Madelyn and Leggings

Lilly Belle and Allie Shorts

I will be honest, I didn’t even think of mixing and matching until all 4 pieces were finished, and then the light bulb went off!  Silly me!!!  All 4 pieces look amazing together, and all 4 pieces will work well into the fall!

PinaforeLilly Belle Pinafore Pattern

Knit Madelyn ShirtMadelyn and Lilly Belle Leggings

I truly loved sewing with these amazing Art Gallery fabrics, and I really wanted you to get a chance too!  Art Gallery graciously sent over FOUR fat quarter bundles for me to give away to our amazing fans!  Enter below for your chance at winning one of these bundles!

Fat Quarter Bundle


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Thank you again to Art Gallery Fabrics for sponsoring this post and providing all the fabrics!  Make sure you head on over to their website to take a look at all the wonderful fabric lines they offer!!  They have tons of fabrics to choose from.  They definitely offer something for every taste! 

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!!!





July 31, 2015 by Emily Steiger