5 Reasons to overcome your fear of knit sewing

Let's get real here.  Knit fabrics can be scary!  I know a lot of sewists who are {terrified} of sewing with knits.  They have heard the horror stories of machines eating the fabric, wonky wavy seams, and seams coming apart.  But I'm hear to put your fears at rest!  

Sewing with knits are not as difficult as it seams {see what I did there???}.  Don't believe me?  Here are 5 reason why I think you should start sewing knits!

 1.  Knits are forgiving          

Unlike woven fabrics, knits have give and stretch.  The thought of stretch might scare you, but think of it this way.  The stretch allows you to have a little more leeway room when it comes to mistakes.  Maybe you took to big of a seam allowance.  Maybe you weren't exact when you cut out the pattern.  No worries!  The stretch in the fabric will often hide some of those little mistakes!  No one but you will even know you had a little {oops} moment!

 Phobe Top

Phoebe Top & Whitney Skirt, Knit from Birch {Elk Grove Basics}

2.  Knits don't fray

This is HUGE for me since I like to sew things and get them done {fast}.  Knits do not need to be hemmed.  I repeat, knits DO NOT need to be hemmed!  Knit fabrics so not fray, so if you are in a time crunch, of just starting out with knits, or just are plain old lazy, then this tip is for you!  While a finished hem may look really nice, there are times when an unfinished hem looks pretty good!  Sometimes a raw edge is just plain easier, especially when you are new to sewing!  A knit circle skirt, or example, can be a pain in the you know what to hem!  Maybe you would have never sewn a circle skirt for fear of having to hem it!  Well, sew it with knit and you don't have to fret!

 Adele Dress

Adele Dress, Knit from Hobby Lobby.

3.  Knits can be sewn with a regular sewing machine

I know you all have heard that sewing knits is best with a serger.  I am here to tell you that you do not need a serger to sew knits!  I have only been sewing for 2.5 years, and starting sewing knits after a few months.  I started on my regular $100 super basic sewing machine.  I did not get a serger until last winter!  That means for over a year and a half, I sewed all my knit projects on my regular machine.  No special stitches, thread, feet.  Just my basic zig zag or stretch stitch and a stretch or ball point needle.  And after getting my serger, I still sew on that same basic machine, and only use the serger for seam finishing!  I do suggest sewing your seams twice if just using a regular machine, just to give it some extra strength. 

Elise Top

 Elise Top, Knit from Fabric.com.

 4.  Knits come in all different types

I think many people are afraid to work with knit because they don't want to work with fabric that is slinky, or fabric that tends to roll at the edges, or fabric that has a ton of stretch.  But knit fabrics vary.  Some are extremely stable knits, that are a heavier weight are are a breeze to work with, while others are drapey and lightweight and tend to be more finicky to sew.  When starting out, choose a knit that is a heavier weight.  A nice cotton lycra, ponte de roma, or sweatshirt fleece are great starter fabrics!  These fabrics have stretch but are thicker and easier to work with, which means less room for error!  Once you are comfortable, pick up a jersey or sweater knit and try it out!  The drape of these fabrics are lovely! We have a full rundown of different knits and their uses on the Blog here.

Margot Dress Pattern

Margot Dress, Knit from Art Gallery.

5.  All the Gorgeous Knit patterns you are missing out on!

Knit patterns are not only fun and fast but they are usually kid favorites!  Knit is soft and cozy, perfect for season round wear and we have some seriously cute patterns that cannot be missed!  Check out our shop and pick up one of the many knit patterns we carry, or grab one of our favorites including, the Margot Dress, Phoebe Top, Alba Dress, and the Gretchen Cardigan!!  Tomorrow we will be giving you even more incentive to try out those knit fabrics...here's a hint {$5 Friday}!!  

 Gretchen Cardigan, Knit from Jo Ann Fabric Stores.

Do you sew with knit and have a tip to share?  If so, please let us know below!

October 01, 2015 by Emily Steiger