sew a long day 1

Today is day 1 of the Clara+Adelaide Sew-A-Long!  We are trying something new this go around and we are giving you are most asked for mash-up!  Clara+Adelaide is a combination that never fails!  

Fabric choices

Day 1 is super fun, because today is the day you get to search through all your lovely fabric to find the perfect one that speaks to you.  This is my most favorite day.  I adore looking through my stash, imagining what my creation will look like!  Most of the time, I end up in the fabric store, because let's be honest, you can never have too much fabric!

Before you get all excited about fabric shopping, get your pattern handy.  If you haven't purchased your pattern yet, what are you waiting for?!?!?!  Use code A+Csewalong for 30% off of everything in the "New Arrivals" section in the shop.  You can also use it on the bundle!  This sale runs through Friday, so get it while you can!  

Clara and Adelaide options

It's time to take a look and decide on options.  Will you do bodice ruffles?  Maybe you will add a contrasting sleeve cuff.  Think about whether you will be sewing the top or the dress modification we posted on the blog.  

Once you have the details all ironed out, sit down with some fabrics, or head out to the store and start envisioning what you want the finished garment to look like!  

Fabric and notionsSew a long notions

And while you are at the store, or in your sewing area, grab some notions!  Get the perfect thread color, and some amazing buttons.  You will need a few for the back of the bodice.

sew a long schedule

Once you have everything ready to take, snap a quick pic and head on over to the FB Group.  Post your photo in the Day 1 album!  You are now ready for tomorrow, when we will tackle cutting out our fabrics and starting the bodice construction!  Check out the schedule for a breakdown of each day! 

How about some extra incentive???  If you are anything like me you LOVE winning prizes!  So how about an absolutely amazing prize for one lucky person!  Follow along and post your photos on the daily albums and in the final album, and one lucky person will win a VFT 5 pattern prize pack PLUS a $50 gift card to Hawthorne Threads!  Who wouldn't love to win that!!   Have fun and we will see you back here tomorrow!  


October 19, 2015 by Emily Steiger