Winter is here and with it comes such happy, cozy evenings for me and my family. We're wishing for a few good snows, many warm fires, and lots of tasty warm drinks.  When I think of winter, I think of white. Sparkling white lights. Trees and houses covered in white soft snow. Glitter and shimmer, fluffy white marshmallows and gorgeous winter white fashion.  Sit back and take in some of this beautiful eye candy.





photo credits from top left: sequin party, little girl white dress, cream crochet bowl









photo credit: winter white road




















photo credits from top left: sparkle necklace, lace dress, sparkle trim











photo credits from top left: crochet blanket, white cupcakes, creamy linens, warm cocoa tray

white winter shirt beautiful flowy

 photo credits: lace wedding dress


Are you inspired yet?  These dreamy images all of this gorgeous winter white and silver inspired us to create our own winter white Coco Fingerless mittens.  For mittens for myself and Scarlett, I used a combination of salvaged cream cashmere sweaters, salvaged antique lace, and buttons and embellishments from my odds and ends sewing box.  

I used some (faux) pearls from a broken necklace strand to embellish the bottom. 

These mittens took about an hour to whip up.... The majority of the time was spent deciding which embellishments to add to the mittens.  I really need to make some more and give them away as gifts.  

Scarlett really loved her mittens too.



Incidentally, I made her little bow cloche hat from a recycled sweater too.  Would any of you like a tutorial on how to make the cloche hat?  If I get enough requests, I'll do a blog post about it.


These pictures were taken in front of Chateau Elan, a little north of Atlanta.  Our family went there for a little getaway, and it provided a perfect backdrop.  Who knew there is a French inspired Chateau only hours away from Nashville?  If any of you happen to find yourself over that way, I'd suggest stopping by this posh hotel and winery.  It's really beautiful.  It was cold and foggy that morning, but the light was still really nice.  Here are a few more pictures... hope you enjoy!



Coco mittens are made using recycled or reclaimed fabrics, which makes them as "green" as they are fabulous.  You can make a winter white inspired pair, or use a color combination of your choice.  Our Coco PDF Pattern includes sizes child - adult and includes many patterns and instructions for embellishments to create a look all you own.

We hope you enjoyed this winter white & coco love post!  Leave some love for us...   xoxo, Jessica





December 27, 2012 by Jessica Herning



Becca said:

These are fabulous! I’d love to see a tutorial for the hat too. I’m going to be on the lookout for supplies!


Erin said:

Wow – beautiful! I would love to see how you upcycled a sweater into a hat! :)


Gina said:

Love the mittens! I have the pattern but haven’t tried it yet! You’ve inspired me to give it a go!

Would love a tute on the hat! Adorable!

Chelsea - Pink Door Fabrics

Chelsea - Pink Door Fabrics said:

Wow!! This is gorgeous!! My favorite winter color is white too!!! Please will you do the tutorial on the hats? They’re fabulous!!


Margaret said:

I’d love to see a tutorial for the hat


Brandy said:

Id looooove to see the hat tutorial!!!


Lori said:

I’d love to see the hat tutorial! The mittens are gorgeous!


Karen said:

I would love a hat tutorial! This is so lovely


Jennifer said:

Would love the tutorial for the hat!! Love the entire outfit!!


Jodie said:

This post is gorgeous!!!! Love the mittens and hat!


Tami said:

Would love a tutorial on the hat. Everything in this post is just gorgeous!!


Valeri said:

Yep…would love a tute on the gorgeous hat.


Susan said:

Oh this looks so beautiful. Would love a free tutorial for the hat. Totally compliments the coco mittens.

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