Day 2 is here!  If I had my way, we would skip this day all together, because little elves would have shown up last night and put all of our patterns together for us and they would have even cut out our fabrics!  It would be lovely and today we would start getting to the good stuff, like sewing.  But alas, no elves visited me last night so I guess I will have to do this work myself!

If you were lucky enough to find someone to do this for you, please send me their number.  If you are unlucky like me, grab your supplies so we can get this over with! LOL  Let's get to printing.  Alexandra is a new pattern, so that means it has layers!  WOO HOO  If you are new to layers, this means you only need to print the size you are using, which saves on ink!  YAY!  You are going to click the icon on the left that looks like 3 sheets of paper or layers.  Then you will click the arrow to reveal all the sizes.  You are going to click each layer you want to hide.  Make sure to leave the size you need and the {DO NOT UNCHECK} layer alone!

Your layers are done so get to printing.  I like to scroll through my pattern and only print the pages I need, that way I'm not printing pages that are blank for my size.  Once you have everything printed off, you are going to start assembling.

I have a {helper} today.  And by helper I mean thief who likes to steal my glue stick and up all my pattern pages.  Like I said, super helpful.....

Assemble your pattern pieces and cut them out.  While I may not enjoy the task of putting my patterns together, I do like the sight of all the freshly assembled pieces.  It is quite lovely!

Now it is time to grab your fabric/pins/pattern weights/scissors/tape measure, whatever supplies you think you may, because it is time to get cutting.  If you are making the pintucked version,  please remember to use the cutting chart in the pattern for your front bodice, and not the bodice pattern piece.  I know that I would never make this mistake EVER.....{never never never....LOL} because I always read everything before I cut...... but I just want to make sure none of you make this mistake either. ;)

Once you have all your fabrics cut, lay them out all nice and pretty, and snap a photo!  Not only do I LOVE seeing all off your progress, but when you upload a photo into each daily album, you are putting yourself in the running for an awesome prize at the end of our SAL!  YAY

Upload your day 2 photo HERE!  Tomorrow we start sewing!  See you all back here bright and early!


September 12, 2017 by Emily Steiger