If you are anything like us, you are dreaming of long, hot summer days spent exploring in the sunshine and basking in the beauty of the outdoors!  Our talented Maya had just that in mind as she was designing our newest pattern: {Shiloh}!

Introducing Shiloh- the perfect little sundress, available in baby, girl, and doll sizes!!

Shiloh is a precious pattern designed for woven fabrics with endless options and possibilities all rolled into one! 

Let's talk skirt options first...

Want to create a super twirly dress?  You're all set - just choose the gathered DOUBLE circle skirt option as a dress length! (Yes, yes, you read that right - DOUBLE CIRCLE SKIRT!)


Wanting to create a sweet little top for all-day-play to pair with shorts (like our Daisy shorts... on sale this weekend)?  You're good to go - just choose the simple gathered skirt option in the top length!

But you know, skirt options aren't the only thing that makes each Shiloh created different and unique... oh no!  Have you see the back options?!  Ooooh the back options!!!

What elicits the feeling of childhood nostalgia quite like a dress with criss-cross back straps, flutters and a twirly skirt? Shiloh offers all of that and more!

This back option features an elastic casing at the waist and the criss-cross straps that button at the side seam.  You can create these straps as basic straps OR you can add full or partial flutters down the straps as well!

If the cross back option isn't your style though, OR you would simply like to change it up after you've created a few hundred of that style, Shiloh also includes an option for a button back style that ties at the neck and offers a bit more coverage across the back!  This pattern is just FULL of so many ways to customize it and change it up!

You know what else is awesome about this newest release!?  Maya is hosting the VFT Sew Along in our dedicated Facebook Sew Along group....which means there are multiple videos in that group with step by step instructions of sewing a Shiloh, from start to finish!  So you can check out that group and review the videos to help walk you through sewing up one of these beauties all on your own!

 So, what you do you think?  So many amazing options for your next summer sew!!   Let us know in the comments below which option you are planning to sew up first!!

As always, Happy Sewing!!

May 15, 2020 by Jessica Herning