Hey Friends!!!  June is here and it has definitely brought along the excitement of splashing away the warm summer days!  We are all feeling the urge to get outdoors and live out the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote - "Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air,"  and we realized that now would be an awesome time to remind you about all of our amazing swim options with a $6 weekend sale for our swim line!!!  It was so much fun reaching out to many of our customers to be able to include their pictures in this blog, and we have to say thank you to everyone who shared their lovely creations with us to see!!  So please follow along, participate in the giveaway we have listed at the end and grab a few of these swim patterns while they are on sale!! 
Since we have quite a few options, and they are all just too stinking cute, we decided that listing them in alphabetical order is going to be the easiest! 
means we are starting off with our beautiful {Bridgette}!
The Bridgette swimsuit has so many features and can be sewn as a one piece or a tankini.  Both versions can be sewn with the full top ruffle or it can be made as a simple suit with no ruffle.  The Bridgette suit has a wonderful fit that will provide the coverage and comfort needed to play all day without any worries.
Up next is the cutie {Catalina}!
Catalina is a one piece swimsuit that is so chic for the pool or beach! It features the most adorable little flutter sleeves and an optional front keyhole cutout!! Both the keyhole and solid version showcase a darling collar and bow tie.  The legs have the optional ruffles... but who can say no to ruffles?!  We definitely can't!!!
Our third swim option that I can't wait to re-introduce you to is the posh {Pippa}!!


Pippa is bringing glamour to the beach!  This darling retro inspired two piece swimsuit features a sweetheart neckline with halter ties around the neck.  The front is adorned with a bow that allows for tons of fun coordinating swimsuit colors and prints!   

Pippa bottoms are  comfy to wear and have amazing fit and coverage. A playful skirt version is also included! The skirt can be dressed up with pom-pom trims or tulle for a special one a kind look.



Up next?!  Our Ruffle-y {Roxie}!!




Roxie is a feminine two-piece swimsuit that features super stylish high waist bottoms with optional leg ruffles and full bottom coverage. The Roxie top has two options: three tiers of ruffles or one longer ruffle, which means you can't go wrong since we all love ruffles!!! 

Speaking of ruffles, the straps criss-cross and tie at the back and, of course, have the option to add ruffles!!  Really want to go all out with this beauty?  The ruffles can also be embellished with lace, trims or pom-poms for extra customization!! 


And finally, our last swimsuit option to re-introduce you to is our sweet {Saylor}!



The Saylor swimsuit is retro at it's best, featuring a rounded front collar and inset that is perfect for mixing and matching patterns.  Saylor can be made with an optional side flounce or button tabs and have halter ties or fixed criss-cross back straps Who ever said all day water play couldn't be glamorous?!?



Now that you've seen our fabulous 5 swim suits, did you know we also offer a couple of cover up options as well?!?  Our Samantha tunic cover up is an amazing option for pulling over a wet suit while taking a break, and our Leilani mermaid coverup will be your daughters most favorite addition to her closet!



In case you are new to swim fabric and aren't sure if you are ready to take "the plunge," let us reassure you of one thing.... YOU CAN DO IT!!!  Sewing with swim fabric is much easier than most people realize and all of our swim patterns will walk you through each and every step from choosing the right size to finishing techniques. At the beginning of each swim pattern, we have also included a 14 page "Sewing with Swim 101" guide that is chalk full of tips and tricks on fabric selection, sewing information and sewing machine settings like shown here:


So, what do you think?! Are you ready to create your custom swimwear?!? 

Now on to the extra fun part - who is ready for a GIVEAWAY!?!?!  Would you like to win a $50 gift certificate to our shop?!?  How about that PLUS a $50 gift certificate for new fabric?!!  WHOOO HOOOO!!!!

We are excited we were able to to partner with Purpleseamstress fabric to offer you this combined giveaway worth $100!!!!

Entering is easy...all you have to do is comment below with which swimsuit you would choose to create if you were to go on your dream vacation (and let us know where that is so we can all daydream along with you!!) Be sure you are following both of our facebook pages (linked below) to be qualified to win!  And that is it!!

We will be drawing for our winner next week, so go ahead and comment below!!




🎉Julianne Ratliff🎉

for winning this contest!!! Please send us an email to 

info@violettefieldthreads.com and we will get your prizes set up! 

June 06, 2020 by Jessica Herning


Loretta Lind

Loretta Lind said:

I would make Catalina (love the retro look) and would love to go to Hawaii!!! 🌺

Kiera Cook

Kiera Cook said:

Catalina is so perfect!!

Theresa Kruse

Theresa Kruse said:

Saylor… its been on my list for forever!

Jessica McCoy

Jessica McCoy said:

I’d make several Bridgette suits because we would be in and out of the water so much in Hawaii!


Rachel said:

I’d love to sew up a coverup and saylor for a trip to PEI ☺

Dianna Leigh Pacheco

Dianna Leigh Pacheco said:

Definitely making some Bridgettes for my niece this summer!

Lisa Little

Lisa Little said:

The Catalina is gorgeous! It’d be perfect for Lanikai beach in Hawaii.


Denise said:

Saylor for sure on a beach in Greece!

Tiffany Gailliaert

Tiffany Gailliaert said:

My 3 year old had requested a swimsuit like the rainbow one. Looks like i will be searching for it

Kimberly Seegmiller

Kimberly Seegmiller said:

I can’t wait until my girl fits into the Catalina. And the beaches of California would be nice when we can travel again.

Julie Kelsey

Julie Kelsey said:

I would definitely make the Catalina(already own it 😊). I would hopefully be making it for a family trip to Galveston beach

JEnnifer Pressgrove

JEnnifer Pressgrove said:

I’d make the Pippa in a mermaid version because my girls have been begging me for it. In my dreams we’d go to Costa Rica 😆

Daniele Green

Daniele Green said:

Pippa ❤

Donna McLendon

Donna McLendon said:

I love Catalina! My dream vacation would be laying on the beach in Bora Bora!

Teronia Wilson

Teronia Wilson said:

I’d love to go to the French Riviera. I’d make pippa and catalina for my girls

Amanda Brandenberg

Amanda Brandenberg said:

We had to cancel our trip to Iceland and Ireland for the pandemic. When we can go, my girls will need the Catalina for the hot springs in Iceland.

Christine White

Christine White said:

The Bridgette would be perfect for anywhere, but I’d love to go to the Caribbean.

Aileen Moretti

Aileen Moretti said:

Catalina! 💕 I would go anywhere that has clear water and powder sand beaches!

Michelle Mathis

Michelle Mathis said:

I still love Saylor and the vintage feel, you can’t get that from a store! My dream vacation would be to the Maldives 😍


Rita said:

I love the Bridgette! My dream trip would be Bora Bora.


Gabrielle said:

Definitely Bridgette! After isolation any beach where it’s warm would be just fine with me!!

Rachel Liekhus

Rachel Liekhus said:

Definitely the Catalina! And I’m pretty partial to Kansas City!


Rhiannon said:

All of theswim wear are super cute, but If I had to pick only one, it would have to be the lovely brigette at the beautiful blue beaches of Bora Bora😍


Amy said:

Oh I think it would have to be the ruffley roxie. My nieces would be super cute in any of them!!!!! And all 4 of them have never been on a beach vacation.. but to the lake would be amazing!

Katie Crawford

Katie Crawford said:

Definitely the bridgette or Catalina for miss 2 – to be worn in Fiji!

Lisa Turney

Lisa Turney said:

Pippa! My daughters really want a bikini this year and it would be a lot of fun to make one!

Jennie Parker

Jennie Parker said:

I like Pippa, and since I just made my girls Samantha cover-ups, they’d wear those to the Big Island, HI, to visit family.


Vanessa said:

I love the Saylor with the buttons. I would also make the Samantha tunic. My dream beach would be somewhere along the coast of Croatia or Hawaii.


Kelly said:

Catalina! I love this one it is too cute!


Melissa said:

Catalina would be my choice!! And I’d be taking the family to Hawaii!!! Been almost 20 years since I was there!!

Rebecca Kenyon

Rebecca Kenyon said:

I love sailor, but the ruffels on Roxie are to die for!! If we were to go to Hawaii, I’d have to make both!!


Meredith said:

I’d make both my girls matching Roxies! They love ruffles, so it would be perfect. Our state is currently not allowed to travel far, so I’m dreaming of holding fairly locally, just a couple of hours away at Phillip Island. It has beaches, penguins, and ice cream… guaranteed my girls will be just as happy as they’d be at any beach, anywhere.


Cassie said:

Catalina! This year I’m down for stickin around my New England roots. Traveling around New Hampshire and Maine. Lakes, beaches, local shops, ice cream, and of course lobstah!

Krista Simon

Krista Simon said:

I would definitely try the saylor!! It reminds me of ginger which I just absolutely adore! We just want to take an exotic vacation, well anywhere. Even five minutes from our house 😂


Shaunae said:

I would love to try my hand at the Roxie. so so cute. Love to see my niece wear it in Hawaii when we go to my daughters graduation from BYUHawaii next spring.

Samantha Stowers

Samantha Stowers said:

I love Catalina but Bridgette is just as classy. So I would make one of each for my grandbaby girls for a multi generational family vacay to Exuma. And of course they would need the Samantha cover up cuz its so cool its named after Grama ;)


Sarah said:

I sewed up a Samantha coverup last summer and I think I’m ready to try a Saylor suit this summer! My daughter will wear it to family camping, which is pretty much my type of dream vacation!


Stacie said:

Roxie and Saylor are so cute!! I’d want to to Northern Mn lakes country. My parents have a fabulous house on the lake. I want to spend a week floating.


Tammy said:

I bought Bridgette during the last sale but haven’t made it yet. I’m having trouble deciding on fabric!


Sarah said:

I would make Pippa and we would go to the beach in Belize after visiting our family in Guatemala.

Uma Subramanian

Uma Subramanian said:

I would love to do a mashup between the Haven (pattern that I own) and Pippa (something I need to buy) or maybe an Ophelia full sleeve crop (Oaklyn back) with the Pippa. I think these combos would be pretty cool :) Oh yes! my dream vacay – would be Turk and Caicos :)


Megan said:

I would try Catalina for my daughter. Right now, going anywhere that isn’t home would be a dream vacation.


carey said:

I have the Bridgette pattern but have yet to make it. I’ve never sewn swim! My dream vacation is a home somewhere on a beautiful clear blue ocean with all 3 of our Grown children (plus their wives/boyfriend) and our 2 wonderful grandchildren! Ahhhhh 100% Happiness!


Sherri said:

I would pick the Catalina! So cute!!


Ginal said:

I would make Roxie and go to Hawaii!!


Carolyn said:

I would choose Roxie to make for my niece and go to the beach. Any beach at this point! Haha

Brittnee Dicks

Brittnee Dicks said:

The Catalina would be the first one I’d try! My dream vacay is Bora Bora. 😍😍

Christa Germany

Christa Germany said:

I would love to visit Santorini Greece. I would definitely make Catalina!


Lilly said:

Catalina with the Leilani coverup! My little girl loves mermaids! As much as I’d want to go somewhere outside the US, I would love to have a family reunion in either San Diego or Orlando.

Jessi A Christianson

Jessi A Christianson said:

I would love to sew up a few Saylors. It is so cute in so many ways! Then I would take them and the granddaughters to wear them, to Zihuatanejo Beach and town on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

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