It's Wednesday, and that means Day 3 of our Pearl {Sew-a-Long}.  We are halfway through!  I swear, SAL weeks go by crazy fast!  Today is an easy day, promise!  It's exactly what a Wednesday should be!  

Ladies, there are literally like 3 steps today.  THAT IS IT!  I did my normal breakdown when I planned this one, not really thinking about the fact that we don't have sleeves to add in, which would normally be done on day 3!  So, it's pretty much a break today, you're welcome!!  LOL

We should get started, because you will want to get to the last step ASAP!  Yesterday we started working on our bodices.  Grab your bodice and place the sides RST.  You want the main fabrics to touch and the lining fabrics to touch.  You are going to sew both sides with a 1/2in SA.  

Once you have both sides sewn, you will want to iron the seam open.  I know normally we trim our seams, but not here!  Your underarm seam will be less bulky ironed open!  Believe me!

Take your bodice and fold the main fabric down, covering the seam you ironed.  Do this for both sides.  Iron the seam, and viola!  You now have a bodice!  YAY!!!

Ladies, that is seriously it today, HAHA  So grab a cup of coffee(or tea, or whatever your drink of choice is) sit back, and RELAX!  This is the most important step of the day!  It's been a crazy week here and I am going to bet some of you are also dealing with craziness, so I want you all to take a big deep breath and know that your sewing friends are with you in spirit!

Tomorrow we will tackle the skirts!!  If you missed any of the previous days, you can find them here and here!  And don't forget to upload your Day 3 photo into the album!  See you lovely ladies tomorrow!

March 08, 2017 by Emily Steiger