It's a beautiful day for Day 2 of our Pepper Sew-a-Long!  It's warm and sunny here, my kids are on their best behavior, and the oldest is at performing arts camp all day!  That means I'm ready to hit the ground running for our Day 2 tasks!

We bought our patterns yesterday, so now we are ready to print our pattern pieces.  I recently got a new printer since my old one decided it didn't like me anymore, and let me tell you, the new one prints like a dream!  If you are anything like me, you hate to waste paper printing rectangles, so you will skip printing the skirt pieces and use the cutting chart instead!

I assembled my pattern pieces and then realized I did not want to use the Pepper sleeves, so I dug out my Sleeve Basics pattern and cut out the cap sleeves! This will be perfect for school next month, plus she can throw on a sweater once it gets cooler!

My pattern pieces are assembled and cut, and now it's time to cut fabric.  I had to fussy cut my front bodice to show off the amazing globe on this fabric!!!  SWOON, it turned out so perfect!!  I can't wait to sew it up!

Cut all your pieces, making sure to follow all the pattern piece instructions for mirror images, linings, etc.  I decided I will line my Pepper in the same fabric as my collar, because who doesn't love a pink polka dot lining?!?!?!

Gather all your fabric pieces and snap a photo for Day 2 and don't forget to add it to the album.  Today was an easy day, but be prepared for some work tomorrow!  We've got a busy day ahead!  See you all back here for Day 3!


August 08, 2017 by Emily Steiger