day 5

We have made it!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Only a few more steps left my friends!  Today we tackle those pesky buttonholes.  Who's ready??

hemming bottombottom hemmed

First off, we need to hem the bottom of our blouse or dress.  Press up 1/4in and then a 1/2in along the bottom.  Take that over to your machine and sew that hem!  

 measuring for buttonholesmeasure from top to bottom

Now onto the most dreaded part.....buttonholes.  Measure 1/2in from the top of your blouse/dress and place a pin.  This is where your first buttonhole is going to be.  Continue to measure either 2.5in or 3in all the way down the front.

buttonhole test

Before we get to sewing he buttonholes, do a test on a scrap piece of fabric.  I took a scrap of the same fabric I am using for my top and folded it in half 3 times.  I will be sewing through 6 layers of fabric.  You want to make sure your scrap is a similar thickness to your button tab.  Once your test buttonhole looks good, it's time to do the real thing.

sewing buttonholes

Sew your buttonholes at each marking.  I like to start from the bottom and work my way up, starting at the last marking I have made.  That will be the top of the last buttonhole.  I know some of you were a little leery of sewing through all those layers of fabrics, but if I can do it with my $100 super basic sewing machine, I know you all can do it too!

buttonholes completecutting buttonholes

Buttonholes are done!  I like to take my tiny snips and my fray check and snip them open and put a little but of fray check on the holes!  

prepping buttonsbuttons sewn on

After you open all your buttonholes you can sew on your buttons.  I like to place a pin in the middle of each of my buttonholes, but you could use whatever you find easiest to mark where your buttons need to go.  I also like to hand sew on my buttons.  Do what works for you!  This is the perfect time to add decorative buttons to your long sleeves if you want!  And if you are making the optional waist sash, the time is now!  Sew that baby up!

Finished Josephine

Ladies and Gents, button those blouses and dresses up and you are DONE!  Can you believe it??  If you missed any days and need to play catch up, don't fret!  Here are the links for all the posts from earlier this week: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.   This weekend is your time to finish up anything in the sew-a-long you couldn't get to, but believe me, you are definitely going to want to finish this sew-a-long!


Like always, post your progress in the FB album for today!  Monday we will be doing a drawing to win a pattern 5 pack from Violette Field Threads and a $50 to Hawthorne Threads!  You must have a finished garment photo in the day 5 album in order to be entered to win!  

Thanks for sewing along with us!  We hope you've had fun!

August 21, 2015 by Emily Steiger