For some time now both Jessica and I have wanted to try our hand at making a quilt. Of course, our focus is primarily on clothing design and construction.     We always see so many amazing quilts at market, so we decided it was time to give it a go!  

Last fall in Houston at the International Quilt Market we were visiting the Remnant Fiber Culture booth, and fell in love with quilts.  Jessica, the owner, has an amazing eye for putting together gorgeous prints and choosing fabrics!  She had super cool quilts hanging in her booth that were modern and colorful.          Best of all, she sold them as kits, so they were recreate-able!

This past week I have been putting together my first quilt, and am using a simple pattern from Villa Rose Designs

I used the Eureka Pattern for this quilt, as it looked the least intimidating.

For fabric, I decided to use Hope Chest from Josephine Kimberling of Blend Fabrics.

Blend Fabrics have a super soft quality and I love the vintage look of this line.

First I cut all the fat quarters down to the right size and ironed them all nice and crisp.

Then I pieced all of the strips together.

My helper had lost all interest by this point!!  Lol!!

After I cut down all the blocks and sewed them back together as the pattern directed, I had this cute quilt!

I added on a border.

I just love it!!  Now I just have to sew on the batting and back then have it quilted and binded!! Here is the fabric I have chosen for the back side.

I think that I might be hooked on quilts now!  I am already excited to try another design and was pouring over my fabric stash last night to find the perfect prints!  Let me know if you have any tips for me or a suggestion for a wonderful quilt pattern to try!

March 12, 2013 by Ericka Wright


Katie Ogden

Katie Ogden said:

I’m so sorry not to give any tips on quilting. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a question about your experience. I only have experience in sewing clothing & bags. I really want to make quilts when my girls are older & I have more time on my hands. My question is if you will share thoughts and comparisons on sewing clothing vs. quilts. Which is easier? I’d really love to know!
Thanks & I can’t wait to see how your quilt turns out!

Corrie C

Corrie C said:

My Grandma taught be how to sew when I was 12 by making quilts! It’s been years since I’ve made one, sewing clothing for my girls takes up my sewing time now ;) But I’d love to pick it up again soon!

Ericka & Jessica

Ericka & Jessica said:

Katie, To me it was a bit harder than making clothes only in the sense that it is less forgiving…every cut and sew has to be so spot on to keep it all squared. It was not hard just more time consuming :)

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