Friends, we are almost done.  Although, there still seems like quite a bit needs to be done!  We should probably get to work, because these last 2 days are going to be action packed!  Let's get started!

Grab you sleeves and your sleeve ties, if you have decided on this version.  You are going to place your ties 1/2in from the raw bottom edge, similar to what you did on the bodice.  Baste your ties in place on both sleeves

Take you sleeve lining pieces and finish the straight edge with either a serger or zig zag stitch.  Then place your lining on top of your sleeve and pin in place.  And just like with the bodice, you can mark your 1/2in SA around the "v" to make sure you keep the correct SA while sewing.  

Sew your lining to your sleeve, trim the SA, clip corners and notch the "v".  Turn your sleeves right side out and give it a good steam.  Now you can topstitch if desired.  

Tie your pretty knots!!  For those who are creating the cap sleeve,  hem the bottom raw edge of your sleeve, folding up 1/4in and then another 1/4in and sewing.

Regardless of your sleeve your chose, you can follow these directions.  I am NOT doing the burrito method since I chose the tie knot sleeve.  If you chose the cap sleeve and would like to do this, follow the directions in your pattern!

Find the center of your sleeve and mark with a pin, then measure out 2in from the pin on both sides and mark.  This is where you will place your gathering stitches.  Do this for both sleeves.

Place your bodice flat, right side up, and place your sleeve wrong side up, on top of the bodice.  You are going to pin the ends of the sleeve in place, and work your way towards the middle where your gathering stitches are.  Pull your threads to gather the sleeve to the appropriate length and pin.

Sew along the edge and finish this seam with your method of choice.  Now turn your bodice with the sleeve wrong side out and pin together, starting at the sleeve edges and working your way down towards the armpit and hem.

Sew along your pinned edge and finish your SA.  Repeat these steps to attach your other sleeve and sew the side of the bodice closed.

Yay!  You now have a bodice with sleeves!!!  Stand back and admire all your hard work!  We are done for today, make sure to add your photo into the day 4 album!!

Tomorrow is our last day and we will be finishing up or lovely Charlies!  Check back here tomorrow!


April 06, 2017 by Emily Steiger