Have you seen our Lovey Lamb? She's the sweetest little lamb, and has just joined the Violette Field Threads stuffie family! Now, meet Leo Lamb!

Not wanting to leave her little boy out of the stuffed animal fun, Ashley (designer of Lovey Lamb) re-designed Lovey to become Leo! She created an adorable boy face template & SVG file, modified the Lovey bloomers to become overalls, and added elastic to the bow to become a bowtie!

Included below are instructions to create Leo Lamb using the original pattern for Lovey Lamb and a free printable template for the boy face, as well as an SVG file if you have a vinyl cutting machine. If you do not already own the PDF pattern for Lovey Lamb, click here to purchase. Click (here) to download the face template and (here) to download the SVG file.


Additional materials needed:

-  7½” of ¾” elastic 

-7½” of ¼” elastic

To make Leo, follow all of the steps from the Lovey Lamb pattern & tutorial, but print out the face template for the boy and trace it in step #7, or use the SVG file and apply heat transfer vinyl. Continue all of the steps to make the lamb.

Now that Leo lamb has been created, it's time for his clothes!

To create the overalls, cut two bloomers using the pattern pieces included for Lovey. Sew the inseams of each bloomer.  

Serge the finished seams of each leg. Iron the bottom raw edge of each leg ½” and then another ½” and sew along folded edge to create the hem.


Continue with the instructions for Lovey from step #42 through creating the buttonhole in step #45.  

To create the straps:

Cut two strap pieces (9” by 2”) in the bloomer fabric. Fold each in half with the right sides together. Stitch along the long raw edge as well as one short edge.

Turn the straps right side out and iron flat. Top stitch along all three sewn edges.

Prepare the top hem of the shorts. Fold the top raw edge down ¼” and iron. Fold down another 1” and iron flat.


On the front of the shorts, place a pin 1½” from the center seam on each side. The space between the pins will be left open to insert the elastic, also creating the flat front.

Insert the straps into the back of the shorts. Place the straps ½” inside the prepped hem. Each strap will be ½” away from the back center seam.

Starting at one pin on the front of the shorts, stitch all the way around to the second pin. Take your 7½” piece of ¾” elastic and attach to a safety pin or bodkin. Insert the elastic through one open end of the front shorts.

When the elastic has only ¼” remaining, pin to secure the elastic and continue pulling the elastic through to the other open end, again leaving ¼” elastic past the sewn casing and pin to secure. Sew vertically along the waistband to secure the elastic at both edges.

If desired, continue the stitches across the bottom of the waistband, between the two elastic edges.

Criss cross the straps and pin to secure.

Create a small stitch along the top edge of the waistband to secure the straps up.

Making sure to continue with the straps crossed, bring to the front and pin just inside the stitches you created to secure the elastic. Stitch to secure, along the same stitches as previously topstitched.

Stitch buttons at the bottom of the front straps if desired.

To create the bowtie, follow the tutorial for Lovey’s hair bow. Cut a 7½” piece of ¼” elastic and thread through the back of the bow.

Overlap the edges by ¼” and stitch to secure.

Pull the elastic around and hide behind the bow center.


That's it for Leo the Lamb!  Super simple, right?!  We can't wait to see all of the amazing creations made using this tutorial!  Be sure to share your creations on the Violette Field Threads Facebook page. 








January 08, 2021 by Jessica Herning