Heeeey Girlies!!! Reese joined the Violette Field Threads catalog almost 2 weeks ago!  As you all know, my personal style of designing tends to have a boho/vintage vibe!!! My latest design fits right in..... Reese is going to be a staple this Fall, having 3 sleeve options that can adapt to the season change!! Here are a few details about Reese!!!! 

My favorite part of this design are the sleeeeeeeeeves! Here is the first sleeve option! The short flounce sleeve....  boy is it a beauty!!! So dainty and girly! Rayon is my go to for this option, the drape is perfection! 


Next up..... The 3/4 length bell sleeve... gorgeous, gives a totally different look, and transitions so well for the cooler weather coming soon! (well, hopefully, you never know in Mississippi....)



Last, but certainly not least.... The long bell sleeve!! So DREAMY!! This option is a show stopper! My girls are in love with these sleeves, as am I!!




Reese also features a half circle skirt and a zipper closure, making it such a fast and satisfying sew!!!


I hope you love Reese, and I absolutely LOVE seeing all of your creations you share in our pattern group! Happy Sewing!! 

Now for the extra fun part! 

Who'd like a *giveaway*? 

Simply enter below (we've included several different ways you can enter) to win BOTH a $50 fabric gift card (to the shop of your choice) + a $25 shop credit to VFT.

If you don't have Reese yet, you can scoop her up with that credit, and then go shopping for loads of beautiful fabric to be able to create several tops + dresses. 


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October 03, 2018 by Maya Carithers


Peggy Sparrenberger

Peggy Sparrenberger said:

Love this dress!

Elaine Johnson

Elaine Johnson said:

I would use the long bell sleeves.

Jayne Martin

Jayne Martin said:

I would style this with a SS Reese with a LS white shirt under knee length with knee high knit socks and either Mary Janes or KH boots


Donna said:

I would style it with strappy sandals. Reese speaks for itself, nothing else needed except cute shoes!

Kristen Alvarado

Kristen Alvarado said:

This pattern is going to be soo cute next summer!! Love it!


Lauren said:

Love this new

Karen Peterson

Karen Peterson said:

Love sewing your patterns…granddaughter is sure enjoying the clothes, too. Just finished a knit Amaya and it is her favorite because it is so soft.


Merrie said:

Love this pattern. While it can be cute for little girls it has so many possibilities for tweens!!

Katie Dorman

Katie Dorman said:

I am in love with this style. A fall floral and ankle boot would be perfection.

Cindy Neely

Cindy Neely said:

One of my favorite dresses!


Alexis said:

LOVE this! Long sleeves with booties for fall would be so adorable!!

Robin malatesta

Robin malatesta said:

I love everything about this little pattern.

Kara Haas

Kara Haas said:

I love the dainty half circle skirt, especially for my big kid who isn’t so much into ruffles any more.

Katherine Steiner

Katherine Steiner said:

I can’t wait to sew Reese

Carina Seth

Carina Seth said:

We are going into summer here in Australia so I would do a short sleeve top version of Reese ;)

Jeanelle Lipford

Jeanelle Lipford said:

Excited for this pattern !!! I have a tween so anything new in her size and style is greatly appreciated!

Deah Harambasic

Deah Harambasic said:

I’d style her with Fawn shorts!

Stephanie Dorsey

Stephanie Dorsey said:

Such a cute option to take you year round in warmer climates!!

Shannon Black

Shannon Black said:

I love Reece! I’ve made one working on #2. It’s so quick and easy. Beautiful pattern as always.


Sara said:

Love the long bell sleeve!


Lacey said:

Reese is perfect to transition into fall! Can’t wait to whip up a top with jeans and boots for the pumpkin patch! 💕


Kari said:

So cute styled with a felt floppy hat!

Barb Peters

Barb Peters said:

Love patterns with options like Reese’s sleeves and lengths. It makes one feel downright thrifty! My favorite fabric find was yards and yards of quilted fabric that I am still using after making lots of little girl bathrobes and purses and zippered bags. The find was at a yard sale for $.50/yd!!!

Lena McDowell

Lena McDowell said:

Love the sleeve options on this dress!


Jessica said:

My daughter’s have been obsessed with boots lately so of course we’d style this beautiful dress with boots, long socks, and a couple of Alexandria bows.

Kim K

Kim K said:

I’d style it as a 3/4 sleeve top

Lena McDowell

Lena McDowell said:

I think I would make the flutter sleeve option and style it with just a simple pair of ballet flats – because let’s face it, anything else my girls will just pull off!

Catherine Gynn

Catherine Gynn said:

The shorter sleeves on Reese would be perfect for my 2 yo grandie. We’ll make longer sleeves when she is older – and less messy!


Samantha said:

I would love to style this with lilly shorts! How cute would that be!


Michelle said:

I love Reece!! Love the long bell sleeves!!

Rachel Robinson Snyder

Rachel Robinson Snyder said:

I love the way you can dress this up with accessories or go for that boho look with some Presley pants. Love the new sleeve patterns!

Jessica Guinn

Jessica Guinn said:

These sleeves are to die for and with a simple dress so excited about this!

Catherine Murdock

Catherine Murdock said:

I’d style Reese with gladiator boots and shorts 😘


Alicia said:

I would DEFINITELY pair this adorable dress with some Monkey Feet and tall socks!


Calvin said:

Stylish pattern!

Karen Irvine

Karen Irvine said:

Is style Reese with tights, boots and a little gilet too 😊


Allie said:

My daughter loves dresses with flutter sleeves so I would for sure do it that style, short sleeves. It helps that it’s still 80+ degrees here in NC!

Silvia Sanz

Silvia Sanz said:

Love this pattern. I would style Reese with boots, sneakers, sandals…. I think it can be a lot of possibilities. Your pictures are awesome

Melissa Stange

Melissa Stange said:

I want to do a flutter sleeve Reese!! Actually I want to try all the options! I’m super excited about it with the flutter sleeve, and some cute little cowboy boots for my girls!


Bec said:

This is just stunning! 😍

Jennifer Leber

Jennifer Leber said:

This style is so cute! I can’t wait to try it out!


Jenny said:

So very lovely! I think I’d start with the short sleeve peplum option and style it with some bloomers, long socks and boots. Ah! Can’t wait to try it!

Bobbie Miller

Bobbie Miller said:

Love this pattern….so beautiful for fall!!!


Loretta said:

So fun.


sueag60 said:

My creative website:


Bri said:

This pattern is gorgeous! I might be willing to attempt a zipped for it

Tiara Draisey

Tiara Draisey said:

I bought both reese patterns sizes and am loving this sew! Really satisfying you say? You’re absolutely correct! Satisfying because reese goes together so quickly as there are no gathers in the skirt, and the sleeve options are so fun! I have ideas for some mash-ups!

(Chris) Suzie Hurst

(Chris) Suzie Hurst said:

I love the long bell sleeves and would definitely make a dress version in a gourgeous blue floral I’ve been saving! Knee socks and Mary Jane’s would round our the look!


Donna said:

Can’t wait to sew it for myself…😍

Carol Compton

Carol Compton said:

I love it with boots and knee socks!

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