Day 2 is here and it's time to get printing!  Are you ready to work??  From the comments in our fb group quite a few of you feel the same way I do about assembling patterns.  If only there was a magical elf that acme and did this all for us!!!  Maybe I should bribe my kiddos to do it for me?!?!  hahahaha

Until then, I guess it's time to do the dirty work.  First things first, print your pattern out.  Did you know all of our new patterns have the layers option?!?!?  Isn't that fantastic!  No more wasting ink by printing all of those extra sizes your don't need!  Just be careful and take a look at the pages before you print!  You might have some blank pages in there that you can skip!  And remember there is a measurement chart for rectangles. which means you don't have to print the ruffle, skirt, etc!

Once you have it printed it's time to assemble.  Gather your supplies and get to taping/gluing/stickering, whatever your method of choice is!  Glue stick is my weapon of choice today, mainly since my tape was M.I.A!  Assemble and cut out your pieces!  

Once you have everything cut out, it's time to cut your fabrics.  Since I chose to not cut out my rectangle pieces, I will be measuring and tearing my fabric for my skirt and ruffles!  With 4 kids, I need to save as much time as possible, so ripping is the fastest for me!  

I've got all my pieces cut out, so now it's time for that daily photo!  Make sure to add your photo into the day 2 album!  Tomorrow we start construction on our bodices, so get some rest today, because we will be busy tomorrow!  See you all tomorrow!!





July 11, 2017 by Emily Steiger