Day 3 is here and it's time to get to work!  Grab your drink/snacks/music/netflix and let's get to sewing!!  

Today we are going to focus on constructing our bodices.  Let's start by getting our straps sewn.  I am taking the easy way out on this one and using premade bias tape.  If you are making your own, use the instructions in the pattern.  You are basically making bias tape, so it's super easy!  Once all your straps are ironed, topstitch around all the sides.

Now take one main bodice fabric and one lining and place RST.  Sew together around the curved armholes.  Trim the SA.  Turn right side out and iron the armhole seams.  Do this for both the front and back bodices.

Now take one bodice and open it up so the right side of the main fabric and lining are both showing.  Now take the other bodice and open it up, matching the main fabric and lining fabrics.  Pin along both sides and sew.  Iron the SA flat and turn right side out.

Let's move on the the neck ruffle.  Take both ruffle pieces and place the short ends together.  Sew along both edges, creating a tube.  Trim the SA and finish the edge.

Turn the ruffle right side out and finish the bottom edge with a zig-zag stitch or serger.  Iron the finished edge up 1/4in and then another 1/4in.  If you are wanting to add trims, now if the time to do so!  Topstitch the hem.

Grab your bodice again and mark the center front and back with a pin.  Do the same on your ruffle piece.  Match the ruffle and bodice markings and pin the ruffle to the bodice along both the front and the back.

If you are attaching straps, grab them and pin them to the right side of the ruffle right where the edge of the bodice is.  Do this for all 4 straps.  Sew the straps/ruffle/bodice where you have pinned using a 1/8in SA.  Sew a zig-zag stitch along the entire top edge of the ruffle/bodice.

You have finished Day 3!  YAY!!  See, that wasn't so bad!  Take a photo and add it into the Day 3 album!  I can't wait to see all the Kaitlynn's coming to life!  Make sure to check back here tomorrow.  We will be finishing up our bodices and getting to work on the skirt and short portion!  See you then!


July 12, 2017 by Emily Steiger