How are we already at the last day of our Kaitlynn Sew-a-Long?!?!?!  This went by way to fast!  At least we know in a few weeks we will be back together again for next month's SAL!  Today is a quick day.

Let's get started!  Grab your skirt/shorts and bodice.  Turn your bodice wrong side out and place it over your skirt/shorts.  Adjust your gathers so they are evenly placed around the bodice.  Sew using a 3/4in SA.  This is the start of our waistband casing.  DO NOT TRIM THE SA!!!!  I repeat, do not trim!!!!  Finish this raw edge

Now we need to create the casing.  Pull the skirt/shorts out of the bodice, so the wrong sides of the fabrics are showing.  You want your SA up towards the bodice, so take over and iron flat.  Sew the casing, leaving a 1 1/5in opening to insert the elastic.

You now can insert your elastic into the casing.  Once you have it inserted, sew the ends of the elastic together.  Distribute your gathers evenly, and now you can sew the opening to the casing closed.

If you are not creating a sash, you are DONE!!!  YAY!!!  If you want a sash, place your pieces RST and sew the short edge.  Trim and iron the SA flat, then repeat for the other sash pieces.  Place your sash pieces together, RST, and sew, leaving a 2in opening in the center.  Trim the SA.  Turn your sash right side out, iron flat and topstitch.

WE ARE DONE!!!  You now have a gorgeous Kaitlynn!!!!  Stand back in admiration, snap a photo, and post it in the Day 5 album!  If you need to catch up, don't worry!  You have the entire weekend to get caught up!  Make sure you post all of your daily photos in the albums so you are qualified for the AMAZING SAL PRIZE!!!!  

Thank you to everyone who participated!!  I again has so much fun!! <3 <3


July 14, 2017 by Emily Steiger