Day 3

We are about halfway done, can you believe it???  We've had a laid back kind of sew-a-long this time around, perfect for me, and many of you, I'm sure!  I know I was rushing around trying to find time to finish up last minute Easter outfits!

Today we are working on the bottom portion of our Havens.  Set those bodices aside because we aren't even going to touch them today!Grab your bottom pieces.  This would be the shorts, pantaloons, or skirt pieces.  I am making the shorts romper version.  If you are doing the shorts or pantaloons, its time to get started!  We will get to the skirt version in a few minutes.



For both the shorts and pantaloons versions, take both pieces and place them together, right sides touching.  Match up the waist and crotch seams and sew down both sides.

finished seam 

Finish the seam with your method of choice.  I'm using my serger for a nice finished edge.

match crotch seam

finished seam

Now, open up your shorts/pantaloons so the seams you just sewed are down the front and back of the shorts.  Pin along the crotch seam and sew.  Finish your seam.

elastic casing

We are now going to create the elastic casing for the shorts.  If you are doing the pantaloons, take a little break!  We will pick back up in a minute!  Take your shorts, wrong side out, and fold up the bottom 1/2in and iron.  Now fold up 1in and iron.  Do this for both leg holes.

leave 1in

Take over to your machine and sew, leaving about 1in open so you can insert your elastic.  Do this for both legs.


Now it's time to insert your elastic.  Insert the elastic into the casing you just created.  Make sure to sew the elastic together once its totally inserted around the leg hole.  Repeat for the other leg.

finished leg

Once your elastic is inserted, you will need to close up the hole you left.  Sew the legs closed.

finished shorts

You now have finished the shorts portion of your Haven!  YAY!!!

If you are making the pantaloons, break's over!  It's time to hem, so iron up 1/4in hem and then another 1/4in.  Sew the hem.  

You are now going to create the casing.  Take your piece of ribbon and fold in half to create a crease.  Using the chart on pg. 4, measure up the leg from the bottom hem.  This is where the bottom of your casing will be.  Pin your ribbon on the marking and line up the halfway point you marked on your ribbon with the crotch seam.  Sew along the top and bottom of your casing, leaving 1/4in gap on either side of the outer leg.

Insert the elastic and sew ends together.  Do this for the other leg.  Tie the long ends of the ribbons and you are done!  WOO HOO!

For those making the dress version, thanks for being so patient!  You've got it the easiest today.  Take both skirt pieces and line up the raw edges.  Sew along both sides and finished your seams.  To hem your skirt, fold up the bottom edge 1/4in then another 1/4in and sew.  


That't it!  So easy and quick today!  Don't forget to upload today's photos into the Day 3 album!  If you need to play catch up, find our previous posts here:  Day 1, Day 2. The next 2 days were going to be rest days, but since we are a tad behind and didn't sew over the weeend, we will jump to day 6 tomorrow!  Check back tomorrow where we will be working on creating the back waistband and the straps!  

March 28, 2016 by Emily Steiger