Day 6

Today is day 6 and we are in the home stretch!  Only a little bit left and we will have some {Amazing} Haven's to show off!  Who's ready to get started?

Yesterday we started construction on the bottom portion of our Haven.  You should now have a bodice, and either shorts, pantaloons, or a skirt.  Today we will be working on the waistband, straps, and attaching our tops and bottoms together.  Let's get started!


iron seams open

Regardless of the version you are making, take one front and one back waistband and place them rights sides together, lining up the short raw edges.  Sew the short sides together and iron seams open.  This will be your main waistband.  Set this aside.

gather shorts

Now take your shorts, pantaloons, or skirt portion and sew two rows of gathering stitches along the top edge.  If you are sewing the dress version, mark the center front and back before gathering.  Pull your threads to gather your piece.

waistband on top of shorts

Take the waistband you sewed together and find the center front and back.  I match up the side seams and iron.  Place it on top of your gathered bottom piece, lining up the center front and back markings with the center front and back of your bottom piece.  Adjust the gathers and pin.

sew top

Trim sa

Flip waistband up

Sew along the pinned top and trim off 1/2 of the SA.  Flip waistband up and iron SA toward waistband.  Set aside.

iron edges

Fold in half

Now its time to start on the straps.  Take a strap piece and iron both long edges in 1/2in, wrong sides touching.  Iron the strap in half.  Repeat for the other strap.

If you are using the full coverage bodice, take a look at your instructions on pg. 34.  I will be explaining further in a little bit, so stay tuned!

place lace in strap

Open up your strap and cut two pieces of trim/lace/etc that is the same length as the strap.  Take one piece of lace and place it right side touching the wrong side of the strap.  Line the raw edge of you lace up with the raw folded edge of the strap.  Baste the lace in place.

fold strap in half and sew

serge top

Fold the strap in half, sandwiching the lace inside the strap and sew along the edge.  Trim off any overhang and serge the top short edge of the strap.  Repeat these steps for the second strap.

pin bodice to waistband

We are now going to attach our bodice to the waistband.  Take your bodice and place it right sides touching on top of the front waistband.  Take note that the bodice has an angle.  This is very important in order to keep the front from gaping, so make sure to pin well.  

pin straps to waistband

Turn the garment over and grab your straps.  Measure over 1 1/2in from the center back marking of your bottom piece and place your strap, with lace facing the outside.  Do this on the other side as well.  Sew a basting stitch around the entire waistband, securing the straps and bodice.  Use a 1/4in SA.

inner waistband over

Now grab your other two waistband pieces.  Assemble these just like you did the main waistband, placing right sides touching and sewing the short ends.  Iron seams open.  Place the waistband, right sides together, on top of the main waistband.  Your bodice and straps with be sandwiched in between the waistbands.

trim off 1/2 of SA


Match up the side seams of the waistband and pin.  Sew around the top.  Trim off 1/2 of the SA.  Guess what?!?!  You are done for today!  YAY!!  If you are doing the full coverage bodice, your break is over!  It's time to get sewing!

Take the strap you ironed earlier and open it up.  This seems to be the part where most people are having issues. Place one raw edge of the bodice inside the strap, lining up the edge with the middle of the strap.  The bodice is angled to prevent gaping.  Just take that raw edge and make sure it's lined up with the middle of the strap.  Your strap may look angled now, but I assure you it will be straight and lovely once it's sewn and on your lovely model!  Baste the strap in place.

Cut two pieces of lace the same size as the strap.  Place one piece of lace on top of the strap and bodice, lining up the edge of the lace with the raw folded edge of the strap.  Baste in place, fold the strap to encase the lace, and sew the strap closed.  Serge the top edge.  Repeat these steps for the other strap.

Place your bodice on top of your waistband, just like we did for the regular bodice.  The only difference is your straps are already sewn on!  Pin onto the waistband and sew.

Just like we did above in a previous step, sew the other two waistband pieces together, lining up the shorts ends.  Iron the SA open.  Place the waistband, right sides touching, on top of the main waistband.  Sew and trim off 1/2 of the SA.  Now you are done!


Tomorrow is our final day of the Sew-a-Long.  If you need to catch up, you can find all the previous days here:  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.  Don't forget to upload your photos from today into the Day 6 Album!  Check back tomorrow when we will be completing our lovely Havens!  See you tomorrow!



March 29, 2016 by Emily Steiger