Meet Kennedy- Spring Collection and Giveaway!

Meet Kennedy- Spring Collection and Giveaway!

Hi friends! Cassie here to share my contribution to the Spring Dress Collection, Kennedy! This entire collection is going to be epic- the looks are all so unique and have such fun features! If you didn't see Olive yesterday, hop over and check out that amazingness from Alexis!!!! 

Let's first talk a little about the inspiration behind the design! One of my major style icons is Audrey Hepburn. I love her sophisticated, yet playful outfits and how she always looked so well put together. 

(image via Pinterest)

This photo set my creative juices flowing!!!! Just look at that skirt!

Since we already had an Audrey pattern, I had to think outside the box for the pattern name...bring on my second favorite style icon, Jackie Kennedy! Her classic and elegant style was exactly what I wanted for this dress design.

Meet Kennedy! This sample was sewn with Cotton and Steel/Rifle Paper Co. Canvas from the Amalfi Collection.

She has a playful cross-over front bodice, super sweet cutout back detail and the most darling and twirl-worthy, pleated circle skirt. This Tween Kennedy sample was sewn with Hawthorne Threads in-house canvas from the new Hedgerow collection

Let's take a closer look at the features showcased by these incredible tester images!

Emmanuelle sewed up this darling Kennedy and used the same stripe from the bodice as her skirt facing for a playful detail! The skirt facing will allow you to create a beautiful finish!

Laura used Art Gallery printed denim for her Kennedy. The weight and body of denim, canvas, twill, etc. really help to keep the skirt shape and allow for a fuller look!

Rachael sewed up this beautiful Kennedy with a solid bodice that really showcases the modest cross over front bodice. 

Ashley totally captured two of my favorite features in Kennedy- the awesome cutout back bodice and the amazing twirl-ability of the pleated circle skirt!

Are you obsessed with Kennedy yet??? The testers all did such an incredible job giving feedback and suggestions to tweak Kennedy into the most perfect spring dress!!! We are so thankful for our stellar group of sewists! 

One more peek at Kennedy for inspiration- Alexis sewed this one with a gathered skirt instead of the pleats! Doesn't it look incredible!?!?! 

I hope you are falling in love with Kennedy's unique style and fun features!!! Would you like to win a copy of both Tween Kennedy and Kennedy in girls' sizes?? How about a $40 gift card to spend on awesome fabric from Hawthorne Threads?? Enter the giveaway below! Be sure to check out the post in our Facebook group for another giveaway each day this week as well as all the details about the release this Friday!


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March 28, 2018 by Cassie M
Meet Olive-Spring Collection and Giveaway

Meet Olive-Spring Collection and Giveaway

Meet Olive and also enter for your chance to win a $40 Gift Card to Hawthorne Threads and 1 Olive Child and 1 Olive Tween pattern!!
March 27, 2018 by Alexis Wright
Introducing Sadie!!!

Introducing Sadie!!!

Hi everyone!!  Maya here to introduce you to my newest design Sadie! Spring is in the air and Sadie is sooooo perfect for the season... There is nothing like the silhouette of an A-line dress on a beautiful little girl with flowers in her hand! I just love the vintage vibe Sadie gives! I hope you adore her as much as we do!!! 
March 11, 2018 by Maya Carithers
Genevieve- $5 Friday and New Bodice Option

Genevieve- $5 Friday and New Bodice Option

Hello friends!

Meet Genevieve, wait no, let me reintroduce you to Genevieve!

Elodie: $5 Friday & Princess Inspiration

We often see customers asking in our facebook group for inspiration using VFT patterns for upcoming trips to Disney, or princess looks for a special event or birthday dress. We also noticed that Elodie made the perfect template to create many of your favorite princesses! To help keep you inspired and give you some guidance to creating a super fabulous princess look, we rounded up our incredible testers and put their skills to work in sewing up Elodie to their favorite princess characters! If you don't already own Elodie, be sure to hop over to the pattern shop and get it for only $5 this weekend! Also, keep in mind Elodie includes baby and doll sizes if you need to create princess looks for your baby girl and her doll! 

I sewed up three of my favorite princesses and will detail the modifications I completed to sew up these looks. 


I kept very true to the Everyday version of the pattern for this dress. I used all solid fabrics from Joann: beige for the main front and back bodice to resemble her skin, purple for the sweetheart overlay for the shells she wears, aqua green for the skirt like her mermaid tail. 

To add a little more detail, I hand sewed pearl beads along the sweetheart neckline.

Since every princess needs a crown, I made her a shell crown. You can get the full tutorial to make a shell halo here (click on DIY Halo).

Snow White

I modified the front bodice for this beautiful Snow White look. See the photo below for the steps I took to create a new front bodice piece.


I sewed the bodice main and lining as you would for a normal lined bodice construction.

For the sleeve, I added two red stripes on each sleeve. To create that effect, I cut two thin strips of red solid fabric and three larger strips of blue fabric. I sewed the strips together and then cut the sleeve with the pattern piece. I detailed that below in the following image.


I did a similar sleeve modification for this Rapunzel dress. This time, I cut thinner strips of purple and pink and more of them to create more contrast. 


For the bodice, I kept true to the Everyday Elodie construction.

I added a gold ribbon embellishment to emulate the corset front of Rapunzel's dress. 


Princess Inspiration from our Testers

Several of our testers made slight modifications to their Elodie pattern to create these looks. They're here to share their talent and tips with you to recreate what they've sewn.

Rapunzel sewn by Beth. Here is what she did to modify Elodie for this marvelous Rapunzel inspired dress!

I made two bodice overlays. The first overlay (pink brocade) I made per pattern instructions the second overlay (purple satin) I cut 5/8” off of the center fold line on the pattern piece and cut 4 mirrored images of my fabric. I sewed the modified bodice overlay pieces right sides together along the top of the bodice and down the center. I attached the bodice overlays to my bodice as the pattern instructs lining my two overlays up at the side seams and along the top. After sewing the overlays to the bodice front I added the ribbon in an x formation down the center tucking the ends just under the modified bodice overlay and topstitched along the center seams to secure the ribbon.

Anna sewn by Aubrey. Here is what she did to modify Elodie for this adorable Anna inspired dress!

A few modifications were in order to turn Elodie into the perfect Anna dress. First, I modified the sweetheart overlay pattern piece to remove the seam allowance as I planned to finish my edges with bias tape. Then I drew straps up to the meet the shoulder seam on the main bodice front to create the look of her vest. I did the same on the back bodice pieces, creating an overlay by following the front “vest” shoulder pieces around and lowering the neckline to create the back vest. Each overly was finished in bias and then sewn to the front and back main pieces. Before attaching the lining, I made the collar out of two straight strips that were folded in half lengthwise and the ends finished. These were basted to the main bodice before it was attached to the lining.

The sleeves were modified just a bit. I took some width out of the center of the sleeve (about an inch) and straightened the bottom of the sleeve.

The skirt was lengthened as my little one has decided dresses that are not long are not worthy of wear and the bodice back was constructed with a button placket. To mimic the scalloped bottom of Anna’s skirt, I measured out my top skirt width laid flat (after front and back were sewn at the side seams), divided that measurement by 4, and drew out a template for my scallop. My scallop was roughly 9” wide by 3” high. I traced my scallops onto the wrong side of my fabric approximately ¼”.


Rapunzel sewn by Lauren. Here is what she did to modify Elodie for this adorable Rapunzel inspired dress!

First, I lengthened all bodice pieces 3.5”, cut overlay pieces at center and sew top & inside seam 1/2”SA. Next, attach eyelets to overlay, and top stitch onto bodice main front. Use the puff sleeve and the 3/4 sleeve from the sleeve basics pack. Finalize with any trim for the perfect Rapunzel look.

More Inspiration

January 26, 2018 by Cassie M
Blithe + Zoey Mash up PLUS Shirring Tips

Blithe + Zoey Mash up PLUS Shirring Tips

Blithe Child and Tween have released and I noticed several people asking about how to make Blithe with a sleeve. So, I thought I would share my hack with the Zoey Sleeve!

December 15, 2017 by Alexis Wright
Introducing Valentina

Introducing Valentina

Hey all!! Cassie here to share with you a very special new pattern to join the line up for the *biggest* Black Friday release and site-wide sale!!! I know your eyes have already popped out of your head, you've fallen off your chair in awe, and your mind is already racing with ideas for the incredible designs already posted over the last several days...but I'm here to close out the reveals with my newest design, Valentina!!!!
November 20, 2017 by Cassie M
Introducing Blithe

Introducing Blithe

Hello VFT Family.
The Black Friday Sale is one our biggest events of the year and this year will be no different. We have several new patterns coming to the VFT Library and I am here to introduce to one of them... 
November 19, 2017 by Alexis Wright
Introducing Marissa

Introducing Marissa

Hello to all of you wonderful ladies of VFT!!! Its Leah here, the designer behind Marissa!! Have you ladies been patiently waiting for that time of year to roll around where you can prepare for parties, special events or special occasions? Well that time of year is right around the corner, and it's time to prepare for all that glitters and fanciness!! Marissa is that perfect fancy dress for all of your special occasions!
November 18, 2017 by Leah Pitkin
Introducing Clementine!

Introducing Clementine!

Hello Ladies!! 
 Black Friday is approaching, our biggest sale of the year, and this year,
along with the sale, there will be several new releases!!! 
I am here to introduce you to my new design, Clementine! Clementine is a Chic Jacket that will be the cherry on top of your little girls wardrobe! Having several options, this jacket is perfect for any occasion. Clementine will be available in sizes 2-9/10 and will be releasing November 22nd!

 (Shown here: Ruffled/Long Sleeve Version)

November 17, 2017 by Maya Carithers